CONTEST CLOSED:: Three Ways to Win the book A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE, which offers a faith-based perspective on climate change

Like me, are you looking for real answers on climate change this Blog Action Day?  If so, A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE: GLOBAL WARMING FACTS FOR FAITH-BASED DECISIONS is the book for us!  Written by NOBEL-prizing winning U.N. panelist Katharine Hayhoe and pastor Andrew Farley (author of The Naked Gospel), A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE explores how the Christian faith should approach the issues of climate change.  Using fact and biblical insight, the book provides readers insight into a topic that’s not only important today, but for our tomorrow’s as well.

Backseat Writer in conjunction with Hachette Book Group is giving away one copy of A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE.  To enter, leave a comment about why you think this is an important book (and your Twitter name, if applicable).  You can get an extra entry for Tweeting this statement: “ Win the book A Climate for Change, which offers a faith-based perspective on climate change. Details at”

Update: As much as I hate to be wrong, I misread something and Katharine was *not* on “The O’Reilly Factor” on 10/15.  She actually appeared on a Sept. 2 show with Laura Ingraham (see clip). So, you can watch a clip of Katharine Hayhoe’s apperance on “The O’Reilly Factor” in which she talks about California wild fires.  Watch the clip and tell me what you think.  That’s a total of 3 entries!

Again, here are the three ways to win::

1. Leave a comment (only 1 entry no matter how many comments you leave.)

2. Tweet one of these statements:

” Win the book A Climate for Change, which offers a faith-based perspective on climate change::

“Three Ways to Win the book A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE, which offers a faith-based perspective on climate change::

“I really want to save the polar bears, so I’m going to read A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE, and you can, too.  Win the book::”

Leave a comment on this post with your Twitter name so I can verify your Tweet (only 1 entry no matter how many times you Tweet this!)

3. Tell me what you think of Katharine’s appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” on by watching this clip. (Again, only 1 entry!)

Contest ends Friday, Oct. 16 at 11:59 PM EST. Winner will be notified by e-mail, so leave a valid e-mail address.

THE WINNER OF THE BOOK IS AMY COURTS!  Thanks to everyone for your comments and participation! (BTW, the winner was selected at random using a highly scientific method!)

0 thoughts on “CONTEST CLOSED:: Three Ways to Win the book A CLIMATE FOR CHANGE, which offers a faith-based perspective on climate change

  1. I would have to say this sounds like a very interesting book. I wish I could give to my high school library they would definitely love this book!

  2. I think this book is important for me to read because, at 44 yrs old, I’ve always been taught by those in authority over me that the environment shouldn’t matter to me & that it is not something I should focus on, as a person of “faith”…sad…but true! Lately, my ideals about all that have been transforming, and I’d like very much to read what this author and this pastor have to say on the subject. For me, I think it’s about time! If this earth is still around by the time of my great, great grandchildren, I think it would be nice if they could BREATHE here!

  3. I’ll be honest: I want to win this book so I can read it AND so I can make some (backwards thinking) family read it. 🙂 And I love messages that preach to the choir (me). More than that, I’m excited about the fact that more and more Christian authors like these guys are stepping up to the plate and talking about our God-given responsibility to care for the earth God made us stewards of. I’m over the “jokey” excuse that waiting for the earth’s destruction will bring about the rapture faster, and I’m over so many Believers writing off the scientific facts because they don’t think science and faith can co-exist. God gave us observable reality and brains with which to interpret what we observe. And if what is observed tells us we need to be more responsible, it’s high time someone says it out loud.

    So give me this book.

    1. Amy Courts, you are awesome! 🙂

      Just so you know, guys, you don’t have to convince me WHY you need the book….but my friend, Amy Courts, did an excellent job! 🙂

  4. I’d like to win this book because I’m very interested in seeing what a Christian writer has to say about the topic.

  5. I’d love to read a new perspective on climate change it would be a good read. It concerns me that we may or maynot be going into a rapid climate change. If you believe the stories in the book of Genesis we were essensially supposed to care for the earth and each other. But our need for ever growing and expanding empires has put the earth at risk. So we should know what to do…too bad we weren’t more concerned 100 years ago —we may not have had the technology…ignorance…has led us down this path of unintential destruction of the earth and its resources.

  6. I love birds and the cover of this book has an amazing bird on the cover. I hope I win this book so I can learn about how climate change is affecting the birds and what I can do to help.

  7. I must say that linking the book to her appearance on the O’Reilly Factor can’t possibly be good for her book sales, and I’m really surprised she chose to include it on her website. I remember watching this segment when it first aired. Within a span of 4 minutes she first says we can’t link global warming to natural disasters, then she says that wildfires are caused by global warming, then she contradicts herself again when Laura Ingram presents solid numbers to her. I hope her book isn’t as wishy washy as her interview. Then, Laura rightfully (…-it-stopped-in-1998.html) contradicted her claim that global temps have risen over the past decade. I have no idea what her book says, but Hayhoe is clearly on the losing end of her O’Reilly appearance.

    Also, the idea of a faith-based approach to global warming is all well and good, but why promote it on a clearly political show like O’Reilly? This only further indicates to me that global warming (oh wait, we can’t call it that anymore b/c it’s not)….global “climate change” is not a hard science issue but a political issue.

    And as for the whole “read this book and save the polar bear” thing, give me a break:

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