News:: Nashville Rockers SHIROCK First Independent Band Sold in Hollister Co. Stores

Nashville rock band SHIROCK has been singled out as the first independent band that Hollister Co., a division of Abercrombie & Fitch, has chosen to distribute in their stores across the U.S. SHIROCK’s debut album, Everything Burns was made available Tuesday, September 22nd in over 500 Hollister stores, giving the band the distinction of being the only indie band to ever grace the shelves at the upscale retail chain. Produced by Jay Ruston (The Donnas, Cold War Kids), Everything Burns is an album featuring anthem-driven rock songs with passionate lyrics that convey positive messages of hope.

How a young band like SHIROCK found its way to the hallowed shelves of Hollister makes for an impressive story. Abercrombie & Fitch / Hollister music supervisor Ted Keyes found SHIROCK’s music on iTunes, and liked it enough to add the band’s song “Calm Inside the Storm” to Hollister’s in-store playlist rotation soon after. SHIROCK started getting messages from fans saying they heard the song while shopping, and the response was so good on Hollister’s end that they stepped up their relationship to distributing the Everything Burns CD through their stores. Keyes explains, “SHIROCK embodies the aspirational qualities we look for when we select an artist to form a partnership with our company. Their music not only resonates with our target audience but presents itself as a testament to the true spirit of independent music.”

Chuck Shirock, the band’s founder and front man, added, “We are really excited about the opportunity to be an independent band on the shelves of Hollister in company with groups like Green Day and The Killers. We’ve always felt the need to get our music to as many people as possible and being independent gives us the freedom to be creative and take advantage of unique opportunities. I want to thank Hollister for helping us accomplish that. This is an exciting time in music and we’re glad we are a part of it.”

SHIROCK is a five-piece band that is not content with simply creating music and singing about making a difference – they take their message further with their non-profit organization “Everything Burns.” Built on the idea of “Living for Things That Matter,” the organization strives to encourage and equip people to get involved and make a difference in their communities. Earlier this year the band hit the road with their 14-city “Everything Burns Tour,” which partnered with local charities dedicated to solving issues of homelessness and poverty. In keeping with the band’s mission, all income from the tour went directly to charity.

With a sound that has been compared to U2 and Coldplay “the band’s positive messages on songs like “Still Young,” “New Solution” and “Calm Inside the Storm” are uplifting without being preachy, encouraging without being strident” (Birmingham News). HM Magazine says Everything Burns is “literally the complete package. Quality songs, vocals, and instrumentation: imagine a filled-out rock band going after shiny Jack’s Mannequin hooks.”

To support the release of Everything Burns, SHIROCK is planning another tour for later this Fall.

ALSO, SHIROCK’s song “Man Inside” (acoustic version) will be featured on ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters” as the closing song on Oct. 4!  Check it out!

Amy’s Note:: I’ve been a big fan of SHIROCK since I first met them and heard them play about a year ago.  Honestly, they are sincere, driven, and incredibly passionate.  Plus, they screen print their own merchandise–how cool is that?

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