Netbooks 101:: Shopping For a Netbook—What Kind Should I Buy? (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on buying a netbook!  Be sure to read the first part of Netbooks 101 “Let’s Get Technical–What is a Netbook?”  It’s full of technical stuff that may or may not be accurate.

OK, now that we’re done with the boring technical part, let’s talk actual machines.  When buying my netbook, I was stunned to discover that the choices go far beyond Acer.  Many manufacturers such as Dell and HP along with Asus, MSI Wind, Samsung and Toshiba have entered the game.  I’ve ever heard that Mac is about to enter the netbook arena.  Since surfing the web was only of secondary importance to me, I wanted to make sure the netbook I bought had a comfortable keyboard so I could write tantalizing articles on-the-go.

Dell Inspiron Mini IM10-2864 10.1-Inch Red Netbook
Dell Inspiron Mini IM10-2864 10.1-Inch Red Netbook

My first instinct was to go with a Dell netbook (since my roomie and I already own a Dell desktop and laptop).  However, the first of my many trips to Best Buy or Staples or Office Deport (who knows where I went to try what anymore?  I darkened the door way of the shop, and I’m pretty sure I heard a collect grown of “Oh, geez, it’s *her* again!”)  But I did not like the keyboard on the Dell.  I did, however, fall in love with the chiclet keyboard on the Toshiba.

HP Mini 110-1037NR 10.1-Inch Pink Netbook

I was dead-set on the $400 Toshiba, until I discovered a highly trending HP Netbook whose unique, colorful design set my heart a’flutter.  Maybe I didn’t need a chiclet keyboard, after all, I have a calculator with chiclet keys.  I went to Staples to try out their HP and loved it, until I discovered that the On switch is on the bottom front of the computer!

Uh, what?  What sort of idiotic design is that?  I could just see me writing a highly important article (like this one) while sitting on my couch, accidentally tilting my beautiful netbook towards me, and switching the stupid thing off!  Then I would undoubtedly lose me work (because that is what happens when you actually *need* something.  The program only automatically saves something you don’t what anymore).  In frustration, I would want to launch my netbook across the room and if I did, I’d probably hit the Wii or our fish bowl causing heartache over the death of our beloved Wii and/or fish, General Tso.  I spared myself the grief, and relunctantly said farewell to the most beautifully decorated computer in all the world.

Toshiba Mini NB205-N313/P 10.1-Inch Posh Pink Netbook
Toshiba Mini NB205 10.1-Inch Posh Pink Netbook

I was back to the Toshiba, which I was delighted to discover came in pink.  Then Sarah, the ever-wise Internet shopper, suggested I check out an Asus, which got outstanding reviews from computer experts.  OK, back to Best Buy—nice keyboard, slightly strange touch pad, and that oh-so-slick shiny shell was a fingerprint nightmare.  Still, the reviews were good and the price was better.  I guess you can’t really have it all—nice touchpad, chiclet keyboard, slick shell that doesn’t invite greasy fingerprints, and a high rating.  It was then we discovered the Samsung NC-10.  While it didn’t have a chiclet keyboard, it did meet the other criteria—good reviews being the most important.  The battery life was excellent and it came in pink!  I tried it out on yet another trip to Best Buy and loved the keyboard.  Oh, Samsung, you will be mine!

Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook
Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook

Along with the Samsung NC-10, I ordered a 2MB Crucial Memory Card (which I installed myself—thank you very much!), an external CD/DVD-R drive, and cute accessories to make my computer look stylish!

Next week in Netbooks 101, I will share how to best accessorize your netbook with tips on skins, color coordination, and other important things so you can look techy-stylish! (Yes, I will include pictures of my own stylized netbook!)

0 thoughts on “Netbooks 101:: Shopping For a Netbook—What Kind Should I Buy? (Part 2)

  1. Acer Aspire One AOD250-1962
    I love this netbook. Its small enough that i can take it anywhere but not so

    small that i cant see the screen. I adapted very well to the keys that are

    smaller and closer together.. and dont have any problems with it. Everything

    loads up quickly and the colors are great. The battery does die out rather

    quickly but that is why it is good to bring the charger with you when you go

    places.. the webcam works nicely too. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is

    under a budget and needs a laptop.

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