Shameless Plug Saturday:: Get Plugged!

Your site is great and you know it.  But you just don’t seem to get many comments or visitors as that gossip rag that calls itself “journalism.”  Or maybe you just released a new album, whether you are signed to a major label or going indie, people need to know about your project, but no one seems interested.  It took you years to write that book, if only you had a place you could tell people about the story. If only…

Well, good news, because now you can!  Every Saturday, I’m opening my blog up to you, the readers, to write a shameless plug about your site, book, album, artwork, crafts, photography and so on.  Or if you find it too shameless to write about yourself, find someone else to do it.  Devoted fans, you’re also welcome to plug your favorite band, author, musicians, artist!

Remember to keep it clean, proof-read, and well-written.  E-mail me your shameless plugs:: Plugs should be around 500 words.  I reserve the right to refuse any plugs for any reason.  Now go get shameless!

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