Jennifer Knapp’s New Music–is it true?

The first time I saw Jennifer Knapp perform was at Creation ’97.  It was just her and her acoustic guitar on a huge stage before thousands of people.  What came next floored me.  Her vocals were powerful, her guitar rang clear, and she commanded her audience.  Immediately, I knew I would be a lifelong Jennifer Knapp fan.

Sometimes I pop in Kansas or another one of Knapp’s albums and wonder what ever happened to the woman who’s lyrical honesty drove me to tears, repentance, and worship.  Her music was instrumental in my life, in who I would become, and how I viewed God.  I also loved her natural, down-to-earth appearance.  She wasn’t some glam singer.  She was a good ol’ gal like me.  She wasn’t afraid to break a nail or get her feet dirty.  Oh, how I loved her.

Then today, through Twitter, I discovered that she is starting to make music again, perhaps an album.  Who knows?  According to her website, she’s booking concerts.  There’s a new song on her MySpace page called “Letting Go.”

Could there be a Jennifer Knapp album in the future?  Or a Backseat Writer interview with Jennifer Knapp about her new album?  Quite possibly.

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0 thoughts on “Jennifer Knapp’s New Music–is it true?

  1. I’ve seen Jennifer Knapp in concert a few times and she is – in my opinion – one of the best Christian performers I’ve seen. I was disappointed by her disappearance from the CCM scene but am really glad she’s back!

    1. @Billy Of course I’m still going to be her fan. The lesbian rumors have been circling for years and years…and apparently, they’re true. Whatever, she still makes awesome music. Until Ray Boltz, she is NOT married and does NOT have children.

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