Photo Essay:: And the Storm Passes

I love summer thunderstorms.  The humidity builds up in the air for days until it’s unbearable.  I scream to the sky for relief, and finally, the dark clouds begin to gather–sometimes swiftly.  Low rumbles echo across the sky soon increasing in volume and frequency.  They are accompanied by flashes of light and suddenly, big rain drops splat on the ground picking up intensity as they fall to the earth.  It’s loud and terrifying and wonderful–all at the same time.  The driving rain, the thunder rolls, the intermittent lighting bolts–truly one of nature’s greatest shows.  Then the storm rolls out, leaving steam rising from the streets, flowers and leaves dripping with water, playful puddles, and an eerie sense of calm.  And, oh, the smell! No fragrance company can duplicate that sweet, earthy smell.

During a recent summer storm near sunset, I went outside to capture the moment with my camera–as much as you can capture something that’s wild, that is.

Just as the rain was ending, I snapped this shot.

A flower at my friend Shari’s house.

I just really like this picture.

I just really like this picture.

Of course I had to talk a picture of it in the car’s side mirror!

Twilight besets the borough of Emmaus, PA.

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