Prayer:: MercyMe Tour Bus Accident

Early Saturday morning, Christian band, MercyMe, best-known for their song “I Can Only Imagine” was in a deadly automobile accident.  While all the members of the band escaped with minor bumps and bruises, two people and an unborn baby were killed in the collision.

According to an online news story, the band finished up a concert in Indiana and was headed to St. Louis.  Witnesses said the tour bus went straight through a green light when a car made a left turn in front of the bus.  The band canceled their St. Louis concert and rescheduled for Sept. 5.

Please pray for the guys in MercyMe and the rest of their crew as they recover physically and emotionally from this accident.  We especially want to remember the tour bus driver, who has driven the band safely from event to event as he comes to terms with the accident.  We pray for the families of the two young adults–a man and a woman (names unreleased) who lost their lives in this tragedy, as well as the driver, 18 year-old Kara Klinker is in critical condition.  She was in the third trimester of her pregnancy and lost her baby.

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