Twitter Under Attack!!!

People, we are under attack!  Or more specifically, Twitter is under attack, supposedly by some Russian hooligans who have a beef against mircoblogging, social networking, or the Georgians (the country, not the state).  It just depends on what you read.  I found this quote from a CNN story downright hilarious: “Some Twitter and Facebook users expressed near-panic that the sites were not working properly. Others reacted with ambivalence.”

I can understand how these users feel because today I have wanted to Tweet about my new addiction to dry roasted peanuts, my anxiety about getting my hair cut, actually getting my hair cut, and my excitement over the season premiere of “Psych” tomorrow night.  But I was denied sharing this information with my 120 or so followers because despite being “fixed” at 12 PM EST, I still can’t get on the site.

It’s a real bummer because the guys @Psych_USA promised to do some real time “Psych” giveaways!  Aw, nuts!  Stupid hackers have ruin everything.

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