Photo Essay:: At Rice’s Market

Yesterday my friend Shari traveled down to New Hope, PA to check out Rice’s Market, a year-round market offering produce, plants, antiques, handcrafted creations, and plastic junk from overseas (though I am a big fan of foreign plastics).  Random aside: Isn’t “New Hope” an awesome name for a town?  If it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere, I would be tempted to move there!  Plus, I could go to Rice’s every Tuesday and Saturday!

We went up and down rows and rows of vendors hocking their goods, spending less than $10.  Of course, I tried my best to keep my point-and-shoot camera tucked away.  But that thing has a mind of its own.  It jumped out of my bad and started taking pictures…through no fault of my own.  OK, I have a chronic need to take pictures.  Believe me, I have habits that are much worse.

Here’s a look at a farmer’s market, just through pictures of items I found intriguing. All photos by me and all rights reserved for me!

0 thoughts on “Photo Essay:: At Rice’s Market

  1. HA! N.P.! You generally will not find boys in skinny jeans at outdoor markets during daylight hours! They have to SLEEP sometimes! 😉 Besides, I see enough of those & I like other things too! =)

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