True Confessions Friday:: I’m the Queen of Typoland.

If there was such a place as Typoland, I’m fairly certain its citizens–the Typos–would make me their queen.  I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but for the life of me, I do not see the typos in my own manuscripts.  Sometimes Backseat Writer readers will e-mail me about egregious errors or a snarky comment leaver will leave me a snarky comment pointing out all my typos (FYI: I delete or edit these comments).   I’ve done everything to keep typos at bay–read the document several times to myself, then out loud, I run spell check, have a friend look it over (at which point, I’m fairly certain my friend is to blame, not me)…and these little buggers still get through my line of typo defense!

I’m a fairly good speller, usually getting 100’s on my spelling and vocab tests in school.  I type fast so  can get my thoughts down and, loyal readers, you’ve seen the results–sometimes its” become “sit” and “I go to the park” becomes “me go park.” I just want you to know that I try my very hardest to provide you with good typo-free posts.  There are probably six or seven typos in this post alone.

At least I get to be queen!  Even if it is of a place called “Typoland.”

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