Tuned Out:: Josh Wilson’s “Savior Please”

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Josh Wilson fan and I can hardly wait to hear his new material, which releases on Sept. 8 (though I’m hoping to get a pre-release any day now.  Hear that, Josh?  I need a PRE-RELEASE like NOW!)  Anyway, it makes me think back to the song that convinced me I needed to become a Josh Wilson fan–“Savior Please.”  Plus, EMI was kind enough to make a high-quality music video just so I could share it with you folks!  Wasn’t that nice of them?

It would be if they hasn’t disabled embedding…uh, what?  How are we going to promote their artists if they disable embedding?  You can see that video here.

Instead, you can watch this cool video slide show that goes along with the song “Savior Please” and doesn’t show Josh at all! Poor guy.  But you can go to his website to see lots of him, hear his music, read his blog, and congratulate him on his upcoming marriage! If anyone deserves a random weekend plug, it’s Josh Wilson!

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