Free Jeep…But There’s a Catch

Actual jeep from
Actual jeep from

…and that catch is you!  If you’re a single breathing male, then let’s hook up.  OK, that’s not quite how 38 year-old Kelly O’very worded her classified ad in a local paper.  Tired of the dating scene, this Salt Lake City woman placed an ad in the “For Barter or Trade” section reading, “Free Jeep with Wedding Ring…Let’s Get Hitched!”  So far, O’very has received over 300 replies (full story).  I guess there are a lot of men in Salt Lake City looking for a Jeep with lifelong commitment.

Since O’very is an outdoorsy, adventuresome gal, she thought maybe she could attract a guy who wouldn’t just love her for her Jeep, but also share her love of four-wheeling.  So far, there’s no word on whether or not O’very found the Jeep-lover of her dreams, but it begs the question–is that Jeep paid off or what?

Anyway, I have a red Chevy Tracker and if any guy wants to marry me, he can totally take it for oil changes,

This is my actual vehicle, which Im not ready to trade for a spouse.
This is my actual vehicle, which I'm not ready to trade for a spouse.

lube jobs, fill it with gasoline, and wash it!  For me, it’s more like, get me and you get my fine automobile, too (plus a couple of cute dogs, a bird, and a kickin’ book and CD collection).  Then again, I’m not ready to share all my goodies with a future mister, not yet.

I also read a story about a man who went on a whopping three dates a day until he found the right woman (full story).  According to the article, men “cast their nets wide” figuring if they meet more woman, then they have better chances of meeting “The One.”  Meanwhile, my theory is that women find a man attractive and hope he is “The One.”  I’m not sure about that; it’s only a theory based on my former crushes.

But this whole thing has me wondering–is not getting married *that* bad?  Can people be single–alone without being lonely?  People say singleness is a gift, yet it’s treated like a bad gift, as deplorable as fruitcake at Christmas.  But after talking to married woman in my Bible study, I realize they have given up their freedom.  They have to “check” with their husbands before they do anything and are expected to perform wifely duties.  Then there’s that touchy issue of biblical submission in marriage.  To be unhitched is to run freely though the fields of life, unencumbered by commitment to a man, and solely committed to God.

I’m not putting down marriage or even saying I don’t want to get married…some day.  I’m merely saying being single isn’t all that bad. Plus, no one tries to steal the covers from me in bed and I don’t have to share my closet. Or my car.

0 thoughts on “Free Jeep…But There’s a Catch

  1. Hey!

    Careful how you view the whole “give up their freedom” thing and the entire “check with their husbands” being a man who constantly checks with his wife for everything. My wife has the freedom to do as she chooses, before we married we discussed “our” goals and what our common ones were and sought to make them OUR goals that we would fight for together.

    The right man bonds to your goals with his own to make them a priority for BOTH. Commitment can be a good thing and come with it’s own huge benefits .. just like that of the commitment to god which comes with Unlimited “cup-overflowing” benefits.

  2. have you seen “dating in the dark” yet? i think it’s on the same channel as the bachelorette…. anyway my hairdresser was telling me about it – she said the couples meet in the dark, without seeing each other, just connecting via personality and story, etc. and then if the couple decide to try to date, the woman gets to see the man in a one-way mirror. one couple kissed, and the woman gushed about how she really liked him and thought his ideas were great, blah blah blah , but when she saw him, she just turned around and walked away!! i haven’t seen it yet, but i’m interested.

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