Movie Review:: He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

Ladies, when a guy doesn’t call it’s not because he’s too busy or out of town for a mother or in a coma following in a tragic skydiving accident.  The truth is this—he’s just not that into you.  Or so says bartender Alex (Justin “The Mac Guy” Long) to lovelorn Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) as she tries to make a love match with a man who’s clearly not interested in her.  As Gigi navigates the murky waters of singleness and dating, her co-workers Janine (Jennifer Connelly) and Beth (Jennifer Aniston) deal with relationship problems all their own.  Add in a very sexy yoga instructor/wanna-be singer named Anna (Scarlett Johannson) and her friend Mary (Drew Barrymore) and you have the female cast of Flower Film’s latest chick flick, He’s Just Not That Into You (2009).

While the movie could quickly deteriorate into a gushy chick flick/soap opera, He’s Just Not That Into You instead focuses on various types of love relationships within a core group of people, who are only separated by a degree or two.  Gigi tries to find true love while seeking advice from a cynical, know-it-all bartender while Beth’s loving boyfriend (Ben Affleck) just won’t ask her to marry him after seven years of dating.  Anna is having an affair with a married man (Bradley Cooper), who just happens to be Janine’s husband.  There’s also the guy Anna is fooling around with named Conor (Kevin Connolly), who was the guy that didn’t call Gigi in the beginning of the movie.  Not only is he friends with Alex, but he also buys advertising space from Anna’s gal pal Mary.  Confused yet?  Believe me, it makes much more sense when you watch the movie.

Not only does this He’s Just Not That IntoYou play on female archetypes—the virgin (Gigi), the whore (Anna), the [wanna-be] mother (Janine, who also mothers Gigi), the damsel-in-distress (Gigi and Beth)—it uses its female archetypes dynamically to enhance the plot.  Each woman plays her part masterfully, following expected and unexpected paths to arrive at a greater knowledge of self.  Gigi, who is the movie’s main protagonist, owns her idealistic notions about love and in turn, becomes her own rescuer.  Furthermore, the naivety that seemed to make her weak empowers her to rescue another lonely heart.  Gigi’s narrative carries the plot as the other women experience romance, heartaches, break-ups, break-downs, and happily-ever-afters.

This star-studded ensemble cast presents the story of woman in love with men—all types of women and all types of men.  In one or all of these characters, viewers can see parts of themselves as the desperate woman waiting for a man to call, the husband with the wandering eye, the guy who’s given up on love, and a frustrated 30-something waiting for a proposal.  Like Gigi, we all hope for a happy ending.  Fortunately, He’s Just Not That Into You has a few (and a couple of not-so-happy ones as well).

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