Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?

Take it from a kid whose parents split up—it’s not something you want the world to see.  People are generally at their worse when dividing up 23 years of marriage between alimony, possessions, and accusations.  I should know; I’m a child of divorce, which is why this whole Jon and Kate Gosselin thing is out of control.  Fine, if two reality TV stars want to duke it out in the court of public opinion–let ’em.  The problem is these “stars” are famous for being parents of multiples.  They are famous for being parents–whose feuding directly involves eight precious lives.

I am concerned for the kids that know Jon and Kate as “Mommy” and “Daddy.”  They are old enough to know that something doesn’t seem right.  However, as they grow older they will be able to access footage of their early lives, including the time when Mommy and Daddy “lived apart for a while.”  Time will tell if the separation will be permanent.

Even at its current state, the show is dangerously turning into something that is better kept private.  And not just for the sake of the children (which is a major concern), but also for the decency of the viewing public.  I don’t want to see sex scenes in primetime and I don’t want to see families being torn apart on cable.  I suppose I could just change the channel.  It’s just sad when you can’t watch “The Learning Channel,” you know what I mean?

Apparently, a new episode of the reality series will be broadcast on TLC this Monday at 9 PM revealing a SHOCKING announcement from the Gosselins (see ad here).  If it was anything like the Jon-and-Kate-reunite-after-allegations-of-marital-unfaithfulness episode, 10 million or more viewers will tune in to witness the ongoing drama.  Many of these viewers have watched the show since the six youngest kids were infants and are genuinely concerned about the Gosselin household.  Dear saints are praying for the healing of Jon and Kate’s marriage and for wholeness in this family.

Whatever Monday night brings—and we will be shocked—TLC has assured viewers that it’s a game changer.  Will the show be cancelled?  Will the show be “Kate Plus Eight”?  How has all this affected book sales and ratings?  Can Jon and Kate beat the odds?  For the sake of those children, they better get their acts together.  Enough of this celebrity parent stuff!  Stop writing books, whining about your hair, instructing your nannies, hanging out on beaches in skimpy bikinis, going to night clubs with young single ladies, and for crying out loud, THROW THE CAMERA CREW OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND RAISE YOUR CHILDREN!

When Jon and Kate signed up for this reality show gig, they said they did it for the good of their children.  They claim they couldn’t have afforded the “good life” for their kids without making this “sacrifice.”  I wonder if their kids would trade in the good life if only Mommy and Daddy would get back together.  Some things are far too precious to sacrifice.

0 thoughts on “Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?

  1. So true…..again the show has come to a close and it is time to get the cameras out of the house. Although, I have to say the paparazzi need to cool it…who cares what they are doing and when they are doing anything on their own property. The whole world wouldn’t know what Jon had for lunch or what bikini Kate was wearing if they weren’t crawling all over the property trying to get a good shot. There is the invasion….the TLC cameras can be shut down but the tabloid scum will still be lurking to see what they can dig up.

  2. Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht is a great show, with adorable children and funny experiences, except for the 2 downers, the parents and the cameras. The cameras have got to be traumatizing for the poor children. You can’t relive your childhood and for the sextuplets, it might not have been as scary since it was all they knew, but for Mady and Cara, the twins, it has to be because for 4-5 years of their life, there had been an absence of cameras.

    As for Jon and Kate, they are always fighting and disagreeing. Jon is a bit too laid back for a family of 8, but Kate is too uptight. In 1 episode, she called her 3 1/2 year old girls bowl, “awful” and “a disaster”. Doesn’t she realize that her children will later in their life, watch these episodes and understand?

    In my opinion, it’s a great show with a 2 out of the 10 people, really weird.


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