Turtles, Snakes, and Lizards–Oh My!

Baby leopard tortoises trying to make friends with their own reflections.

On Saturday, my Dad and I celebrated Father’s Day a little early by going to the Northern Berks Reptile Show at the Hamburg Field House in—you guessed it!—Hamburg, PA (the same location that my Mom and Dad saw Petra and Larry Norman perform in the 70’s).  We are both avid animal lovers, but I’m a “dog person” meaning that whenever I see a dog, I must pet it and talk to its owner.  My Dad, on the other hand, likes dogs, but he will forever be a “turtle person.”  While he specializes in turtles, he has raised reptiles since he was but a young lad many moons ago.

Reptile people are an interesting lot.  They used to be nerdy wanna-be biologist, but now reptile people are as eclectic as it gets.  Bikes, punks, average joe’s, preppy girls, and everyone in-between.  Anyone can be a reptile person—even you!  Unless you’re scared of snakes, that would definitely put a dent in your reptile person cred.  While I am not a reptile person per say, I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the scaly beings.  Plus, my Daddy told me he would get me a Red-Foot tortoise!   Now you, the people of the Internet, can hold him accountable.

Despite being stifling hot, crowded, and generally sweaty, I had a good time, especially because I was with my Dad, who I get to see far too little.  And, ladies, let me tell you, if you want to meet a nice guy (and don’t mind snakes), there are a plethora of single men at these things (because a lot of girls don’t like their snakes).  But there are also a lot of other great reasons to go to a reptile show!

1. It’s also a great place to pick up chicks (for only $1 each–that’s a cheap date)…and ducklings! (OK, that was totally one of my Dad’s terrible puns, but I thought it was funny).

Too cute to become snake food!
Baby ducks are adorable and fun to hold.

2. The [LIVE!] reptiles are sold in little plastic containers.  You don’t know whether you’re getting a pound of potato salad or a ball python.  I’m sorry; it just cracks me up.

Rows and rows of snakes in containers.
A variety of reptiles in containers.
Corn snakes are my favorite, but not my roomie's so no snakes for Amy.

3. There are other things, like exotic animals, for sale.

These black scorpions have a UV light on them to make them look blue.

4. Baby turtles = ADORABLE!

Baby red-earred sliders. I was going to buy one...but I didn't.
A plethora of adorable baby turtles, like a turtle nursery.

5. It’s a great opportunity to take pictures.

This is a turtle--a Vietnamese Pond Turtle, I believe.
Beautiful Albino Bearded Dragon--I want one!
Savannah Monitor--I used to have one named Xan.
Python (I think) hatching from an egg. So cool.
Another hatchling who is further along in the process.

My iguana buddy.

And here’s the best reason, you can spend a day with your Dad, and that’s just priceless!

0 thoughts on “Turtles, Snakes, and Lizards–Oh My!

  1. I am not a very big fan of reptiles. I think its because they eat cute things- like chicks and mice. I am glad you had so much fun with your Dad. 🙂

  2. The $1 baby chicks would be a “cheep” date!

    You and your dad should spend more time together. I’m so glad you both had a great time!

  3. my favorite line is “baby chicks are adorable and fun to hold!” said like you are a hostess on QVC!

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