True Confessions Friday:: I wear my Supergirl shirt whenever I go to the doctor.

Yup, this is the actual shirt. Feel the power!

My doctors probably think I need to expand my wardrobe because no matter what specialist I’m seeing I wear the same shirt—a red Supergirl shirt I got when I was in college.  The practice started after my severe illnesses in 2001 (full story).  I was so scared I needed something tangible to make me feel strong and I thought, “How about a Supergirl shirt?”  It wasn’t that I trusted in the shirt instead of God; I just needed to remember that I was indeed a super girl. Plus, Supergirl and I are both blond bombshells (snicker).

Now eight years later, I still wear the shirt to see my family doctor, the dentist, and almost every specialist.  Recently, I went to the podiatrist in a different shirt and ended up getting worse, so I was sure to sport my Supergirl dubs on the follow-up visit.

To preserve the integrity of the shirt, I wear it only when I go to the doctor.  Every. Single. Time.  I admit this is a strange practice, but I realize that this shirt represents how God has been with me through each and every appointment—even when I was diagnosed with chronic illness, when I had a panic attack in the office, when my fear threatened to envelope me.  He was there then and He will be there in the future. As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from hypochondria and “white coat syndrome.”  If a shirt makes me feel a little braver, so be it.  I know that it’s not just the shirt; it’s my God.

One day I may not need my Supergirl shirt, but I will never throw it out no matter how tattered it becomes.  It’s a symbol to me of God’s enduring love, comfort, and faithfulness.  That and it’s a really cool shirt, isn’t it?

**Note from Amy:: As a random aside, I am starting to collect Supergirl pins, key chains, and what not to keep the theme alive.  I won’t be able to wear the shirt forever, you know?**

0 thoughts on “True Confessions Friday:: I wear my Supergirl shirt whenever I go to the doctor.

  1. I love this story. you are a supergirl!!!!!!! i just finished months of dental work, and wow, i wish i could have borrowed that shirt!!

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