Yard Sales:: Other People’s Treasures

Today is the yearly Emmaus Community Yard Sale, which means if you can have a yard sale in our borough for FREE.  Normally, Emmaus residents are required to get a $5 yard sale permit from the borough.  I have a sneaky suspicsion that many residents hold “illegal” yard sales other days of the year, and in fact, probably don’t know that a permit is required.  Anyway, the whole event is incredibly popular, so my mom and I decided to check it out.  I left with $30 in my pocket and came back with $6 (and a swollen foot from the ongoing bursitis crisis in my big toe joint [first metatarsal joint]).

Before I tell you about all the great stuff I acquired with my 24 bucks.  I want to show you a picture of a cute little girl selling pink lemonade.  I bought a giant stuffed elephant from the youngster…and lemonade.  Anyway,  I told her that I’d put her picture on my blog.  Plus, look at how she wrote “lemonade” on her stand…isn’t that precious?

So here’s a rundown of what I bought (and a picture!)::

An artist’s table (needs some cleaning, but otherwise great!):: $5 [not pictured]

A child-sized Radio Flyer wagon:: $3 [not pictured]

A Father’s Day present for Dad:: $2 (Hey, even Dad likes a good bargain!]

A really awesome bird plate:: $3

A Jim Bradenburg print of the Aurora Borealis:: $3

A wicker basket:: 25 cents

Inspirational dice:: 50 cents

Bird paper weight:: 50 cents

Kitsch Rack:: $1

Stuffed Elephant:: $1

Water For Elephants Hardcover Book:: $2

Brand New Little Mermaid Backpack:: 50 cents (Seriously!  I’m gonna donate it to one of those places that collect new backpacks for kids when they go back-to-school).

Old Polaroaid camera:: $3

Lemonade:: $1.00 (Actually, my mom bought it!)

Pflatzgard Deviled Egg Plate (new in box):: $5 (my mom bought me that, too!)

Time with Mom:: priceless

I can’t even begin to list what my mom bought–much of it for my stepniece.  All-in-all, it was a good day with lots of good deals.  Plus, I got to pet a lot of dogs, which always makes me happy. Have a nice weekend, kids!

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