Book Review:: His Name Is Jesus by Max Lucado (Gift Book)

Visually stunning!  That’s what I first thought when I flipped through the pages of Max Lucado’s His Name Is Jesus: The Promise of Loved Fulfilled (Thomas Nelson).  The gift book takes quotes and stories from Lucado’s expansive writing career and combines his words with various images, drawings, and photographs.

The book is divided into five main sections of Jesus’ life—His Birth, His Mission, His Death, His Resurrection, His Legacy.  Pulling from books such as Just Like Jesus, God Came Near, Six Hours One Friday, He Chose the Nails, and many more beloved Lucado titles, each section talks about Jesus’ life as a completely human, yet completely divine being—told in a way that is uniquely and lovingly Lucado.  As Lucado retells Christ’s birth from the angels’ perspective or the woman caught in adultery, readers can feel the emotions of these very real beings.  Now they have lovely images to compliment the realm of imagination!

A great gift for a new Christian or for a fan of Max Lucado’s or even as a nice coffee table piece, this beautifully bound hardcover book is a masterpiece.  It could also be used for family or personal devotions, despite not having the look of an everyday devotional.  Then again, that’s what makes His Name Is Jesus so delightful—it is art, both visually and lyrically.  Each page breathes new life into the gospels and this God-Man called Jesus.

Once again, Max Lucado reminds us why His name is Jesus and how He is the absolute fulfillment of God’s promise of redemption to mankind.

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