April Music Review Wrap-Up

I get a lot of great pre-releases each and every month, but being a one-woman operation makes it difficult to do reviews and “Take 5’s” with all these great artists.  So at the end of each month, I’m going to try to do a wrap-up on what’s been released.

Last Tuesday (April 21), Jars of Clay released their umpteenth album, The Long Fall Back to Earth (Gray Matters/Essential).  Of course, the album is wonderful, progressive, thoughtful, and genius.  Since I received the album I’ve been trying to think of a creative way to articulate its brilliance, but there are other writers who have done a much better job than I could.  Look, just buy the album; it’s really good.

Newcomer Sarah Reeves also released a 7-song EP Sweet, Sweet Sound (Sparrow) on April 21.  The 19 year-old is cute as a button with flaming red hair to boot, but don’t let her looks fool you.  This girl has stand-out vocals.  She has an airy Leigh Nash quality with a little more oomph, yet doesn’t overpower her songs.  The result are simply beautiful songs that are contemporary and worshipful, but within the pop-rock genre.  Sarah Reeves is one of the best female singers to debut so far this year.

Robert Pierre released his sophomore album Identity (Integrity) April 28 and it’s a pop punk festival of fun.  Having never listened to his first album, I was pretty skeptical about the kid.  I mean, he’s only 16, how good could he be?  Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised.  While he’s a bit too bubblegum pop for me, I can see ‘tweens really digging him.

Oh Snap! (EMI) Philmont did it again.  The album was first released digitally last summer and then was re-released in album format with a new song (“The Ascension”) on April 21.  The band has an early Relient K feel and the band delivers an energy-packed first album.

And…that’s a wrap (up)!

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