Take 5 with Abandon

I’ve never heard a band discovery story like Abandon’s so when I interviewed lead singer Josh Engler for The Christian Manifesto (Listen to “Profess Interview with Abandon”), I asked him to retell the story.  Sure enough, it was true.  EMI CMG Director of A&R Chris York heard Abandon rockin’ out while dining at a restaurant adjacent to the band’s venue.  One thing led to another and Abandon released their self-titled EP (Forefront) on April 21.  Hailed as U2-meets-The Killers, Abandon’s style of alterna-rock is ripping up reviewers and music fans alike.  And after doing an audio interview with me, Josh still agreed to “Take 5” with Backseat Writer…what a guy!

Since you guys are releasing your first album, I need to get to know you a bit.  What do the members of Abandon do for fun?

Well some of us are into extreme sports like skateboarding and motocross. We all enjoy going to see other bands that we like in concert. Some of us really like shopping for new clothes or shopping for previously used clothing, like at Goodwill. We are always on our MySpace page talking with our fans/friends that write in.

Your song “Providence” is about Peter’s denial of Christ.  What prompted you to write this song?

This song is really about how Jesus told Peter that he would deny him and Peter refused to believe it until he heard the sound of the rooster crowing. We believe that Peter never had a choice in the matter because Christ told him that he would. Providence took its hold!

Tell me a little about your work with The Seven Project.

The Seven Project is a public school assembly project aiming to teach moral education and present the gospel at a weekend rally to America’s students. This program pretty much gave us the inspiration for our first record, from the stories that we have heard from the students we have talked to, to the scene of hundreds of students giving their lives to Christ.

Does “Hold On” come from your work with teenagers or was it inspired by something else?

It absolutely comes from our work with teenagers and our passion to give them some kind of hope, a song that reminds people help is on the way.

Why did you choose to release a six-song EP instead of a full-length album?

Well our label and management helped us decide it was the best way to release a new band in this crazy world we live in.

Bonus Question (from my BFF Sarah):: What’s your favorite piece of furniture and why?

Definitely the “coffee” table, its so versatile and everyone has a different style that suits them. Its so interesting how a lot of people put a huge amount of thought into what they want their coffee table to look like. It can be a big furniture dilemma if you’re not careful.

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