Behind the Songs & Free Music Downloads

Information on debut artists, free music downloads, and the like has been flooding my inbox the past few days, and I thought, “Wow!  This is great stuff and the people need to know about it!”

Meet debut artist SARAH REEVES, whose stand-out vocals blow me away!  Look for an upcoming “Take 5” with this young lady, plus an audio interview over at The Christian Manifesto.  Anyway, super publicist Mandy at Savvy Media sent this out yesterday…

Behind the Songs with Sarah Reeves…

Sarah Reeves shares the inspiration behind “Come Save” from her April 21 debut, Sweet, Sweet Sound. To hear the story in its entirety, visit:

“Over the past few years I have been praying a prayer that has absolutely wrecked my life. I prayed that God would give me His heart, that I would cry when He cries and smile when He smiles. As I was flipping through channels on the television one day, a deep sadness came over me. All I saw was immorality, horror, violence, you name it. I went to my room and started weeping over how God’s heart must be torn. All I could pray was Lord, come save. My heart not only breaks for how He must feel, but how badly I want this world to know the unconditional love of Jesus. This is a cry of desperation that God would come save our land.” –Sarah Reeves

Download the song for free this week at iTunes as part of its “Discovery Download” promotion or access an audio stream at

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There there’s debut artist DANYEW, whose press kit I’m eagerly awaiting.  I checked out his MySpace profile and received a free download of  the song “Streetlight” from EMI, and I am psyched out of my mind about DANYEW!  And guess what?  The fine folks at EMI are offering you a chance to get your own copy of the song by clicking here:: ““Streelight” by Danyew

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Behind the Songs with Kristian Stanfill…

Kristian Stanfill shares the inspiration behind “Beautiful Jesus” from his April 21 debut, Attention. To hear the story in its entirety, visit:

Creator…Savior…God with flesh and bones…heir of all things…the radiance of God’s glory…King…Jesus. Mediating on these things, the melodies and lyrics of this song started coming out. Jesus is at the most central part of what we believe as Christians. His sacrifice on the cross opened the door to community with God. We praise Him for this, but also because He is Creator and Ruler of all. I wanted to be very specific with the lyrics in the verses. Instead of large, general pictures of Jesus, I wanted the listener to experience what I was singing. Seeing Jesus’ majesty in a thunderstorm or a quiet cloudless day is something we all can relate to. One of my favorite lines is the first about Jesus’ blood poured over His sinless hands.” –Kristian Stanfill

Audio stream of “Beautiful Jesus” available at

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