It’s Publicist Appreciation Week!

Behind every great musician, author, and media event is an equally great publicity team!  Someone who works hard to write press releases, schedule interviews, hook up the media with comp tickets and press passes.  She is the driving force behind GMA Week, new release days, and the music/arts/media machine in general.  Without her, I’m fairly certain the music industry as we know it would fall apart. She is…the publicist!

And she is working her tail off because it’s GMA Week (April 18-22) in Nashville, which is where the majority of the publicists I work with reside.  While the artists are front-and-center this week with press interviews and the prestigious Dove Awards ceremony, I want to take time to thank the people behind-the-scenes who bring attention to bright new artists/bands/authors/media.

Therefore, I’m turning the tables on “Take 5’s” for the next few days.  Instead of hearing from artists, you’ll be hearing from the ladies who represent them!  Sadly, all the wonderful publicists (some of which were guys….no, not all publicists are female) I work with on Backseat Writer didn’t have enough notice to “Take 5,” but they are also dearly loved and respected.  Thank you for believing in a little site with a big dream!

Maybe it isn’t *really* Publicist Appreciation Week, but methinks it should be!  Therefore, I declare it so!  Keep checking back for some great “Take 5’s” from some of the industry’s hottest publicists!

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