Take 5 with FM Static

While there seem to be a lot of concept albums floating around these days, FM Static’s Dear Diary (Tooth & Nail) is king.  This pop-punk side project generated by Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine of Thousand Foot Krutch (read BSW’s interview with Trevor about TFK’s The Flame in All of Us), is a story about a teenage boy named Aero who moves to a new town, meets the girl of his dreams, figures out his faith, and deals with difficult circumstances that challenge his beliefs.  Listeners “hear” Aero’s diary entries through songs, which shift from catchy to dramatic to downright poetic.  Because he’s such a swell guy, Trevor McNevan was kind enough to Take 5 with Backseat Writer.

*A lot of people know you as the front man for Thousand Foot Krutch and are a bit surprised to find out that you’re one of the brains behind FM Static.  How do you balance both gigs? (Plus, has your work with Hawk Nelson played a part in your desire to do a pop-punk project?)

FM Static is a blast, I’ve always loved pop music, and this has given me an outlet for that outside of hard rock.  Steve and I both get consumed by the project, and are excited to release a new installment.

*Concept albums seem to be cropping up in music circles these days.  Why were you personally drawn to creating this type of album?

We were actually thinking of not doing another record, and the idea came to me while on tour, so I ran with it.  I’ve never worked on a concept record before, so it was fresh from beginning to end.  It’s the story of a boy going through high school to college, and the songs are his diary entries.

*What I enjoy about “Dear Diary” is that although the songs tell a story, they can easily be stand-alones as well.  I’m particularly intrigued by “Take Me As I Am.” Could you give me a glimpse into the creation and meaning of this song?

This song is a poignant, piano-driven denouncement.  It’s a revelation that faith can still grow even amidst struggle.

*Every album has a deeper purpose and it seems like Dear Diary’s tale could encourage teenagers making tough life transitions—moving, falling in love, going to college.  Am I thinking in the right direction here or did I miss the mark?  (Why did you choose to address these everyday teen concepts?)

Teen politics are highly entertaining, regardless of where you fit in the food chain, so this story really takes you into the core of some of those thoughts/issues, and happenings.

*I love that the album’s central character, Aero, has an online diary. Who actually updates the blog, draws pictures, and so on?

We are definitely involved.  The label and management also help with this when need be.

Bonus Question:: Anything you want to add?

Check out www.fmstatic.com, or www.myspace.com/fmstatic!  We have 3 animated videos coming your way asap!  Please support this record, and don’t burn it off a friend!  Thank You.

Looks like Trevor closed up this Take 5 for me.  Be sure to pick up or [legally] download a copy of Dear Diary today and you can read Aero’s diary here!

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