Free Cat!!!

I’m posting this ad I wrote for my friend, Rhonda.  Hope the cat finds a good home!

Zoe was born in Oct. of 2001 and abandoned with her litter mates on the side of Route 22. While the other kittens were hit by cars, Zoe was the lone survivor. Now at seven years of age, Zoe’s owner can no longer care for  her due to severe allergies.

She’s a timid little tabby cat, who misses being around other animals. In her current foster home, Zoe is quite timid and anti-social. However, she makes attempts to interact with her companions and likes to be petted—on her terms. She would do well with a patient, loving, and quiet environment.

Spayed and declawed (front paws only), Zoe has been a loving pet to her family and hopes to find another family that will love her forever. Due to digestive issues, Zoe only eats Science Diet Mature Indoor Cat Food and never has wet food or treats. She also uses pine cat litter and needs plenty of water.

Zoe is FREE for adoption and comes with an enclosed litter box, pine litters, and her toys.

I am unable to foster Zoe much longer and desperately need to find her a home ASAP. For more information, contact Rhonda at or call (484) 550-8874.

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