True Confessions Friday:: I want a tiara.

Several months ago I started making silly confesstions on my Twitter to which my friend asked, “What is this, ‘True Confessions’?”  Thus True Confessions Friday was born.  Although I’ve been terrible at keeping up with it, I want to try to integrate “True Confessions Friday” onto  Backseat Writer.

These won’t be PostSecret-style secrets or deep confessions; they will merely be true thoughts that I have during the week–some shallow, some silly, some deep, and some sad.  It should be an interesting project.

Without further adieu, today’s confession::

I secretly enjoy watching “Little Miss Perfect” because the little girls are amusing and the weirdo moms make me feel better about myself.  Plus, I’ve always wanted a tiara.

Since this is a multi-tiered confession, let’s unpack it a little.  I am incredibly amused by the antics of children.  In fact, I beg my friends with kids to share stories about the funny happenings in their households (my friend Chris shares all about his adventures on his blog, Normal Chaos.  Check it out beacuse he’s hilarious).  Kids really do say the darndest things, don’t they?  On one episode of “Little Miss Perfect,” there was a short clip of a little gal about 3 or 4 admitting, “I like to eat crayons.”  Children are life unscripted and I love them for it.

Sometimes I feel so out of control, it’s nice to see women who seem nuttier than me.  These pageant moms are ridiculous adoring their daughters with  fake hair, fake nails, fake tans.  They waste thousands of dollars on these frilly outfits for a cheap crown and a plastic trophy–for their daughters, of course (and a $1000 for the winner–that’s not too shabby).  It all seems to be ridiculous and insulting to womanhood.  I sit in my living room chair feeling holier-than-thou because I’m not so caught up in appearances.  I laugh at the fakeness to which they subject their daughters.  And then I feel a little better about me.  But the truth is degrading these women doesn’t make me a better person; it does exactly the opposite.

Despite being plastic or cheap metal, I love those shiny tiaras.  Like many little girls I dreamed of being declared the fairest in the land like “Miss America.”  I wanted to wear the sash, don the gem-encrusted crown, and wave to the throngs from parade floats.  There’s something about the look the girls get on their faces when they are declared the winner of the Little Miss Perfect pageant that moves me.  Eyes wide in disbelief, mouth open into an astonished smile, and the proud moment when she is crowned.  Wow, I really am beautiful, she must think.  I can’t believe it!  All little girls (and big girls) want a princess moment like that.  At least I do.  But I’m willing to trade my tiara for a crown of glory to throw at the feet of Jesus.

There you have it, my true confession.  So are any of you ladies (or gentlemen) guilty of enjoying beauty pageants?  Have something else to get off your chests?   Just leave a comment and let it out.

0 thoughts on “True Confessions Friday:: I want a tiara.

  1. Amber’s mom was not nice when she said Amber was really beautiful and beautiful people get further in society than if you’re ugly. That is not true, hard work and perseverance will get you far too. Unattractive people have to deal with jerks like Amber’s fat mom, they don’t give up. Amber’s mom-remember-God doesn’t like ugly and you will pay for that comment, just like you keep paying for the pageants.

  2. Like you, I wanted to be Miss America, too. I also have four little girls that dream of the same. We are just now venturing into the pageant world. Navigating between natural and glitz, rigged and fair. Blogging about our experiences. Check it out!

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