Two Shall Become One

I’m getting married!!! OK, not really…but it’s a good hook, huh? Because know you really want to know what I’m writing about, don’t ya? Well, a marriage is happening. It’s not technically a marriage, but it is a “technical marriage”. What I mean to say is Atypical Musings (my blog) and Backseat Writer (my ultra-cool other site) are getting married! The two sites are merging into one in the next week or so.

Since my life is much busier these days, I’ve found it difficult to do all the work needed to maintain a site staff at Backseat Writer and focus on my own writing career and Atypical Musings was suffering. After much fretting and prayer, I decided to combine the sites and allow current writers to guest post.

For those of you who read Atypical Musings regularly, be prepared for more book and music reviews as well as interviews with musicians and other interesting folks. It’ll be a rockin’ good time for all. For readers of Backseat Writer, you can expect more personal columns from me about life, faith, news, politics, my dogs, and whatever else pops into my head. I hope you all like the change and will continue to read my writings.

So remember to CHANGE YOUR RSS FEEDS because this site will become inactive once the new snazzy lay-out for Backseat Writer is complete. I will continue posting on Atypical Musings until Backseat Writer is complete.

So while I’m not getting married at least my blog is. And, sadly, there won’t be any cake either.

P.S. The RSS feeds on both sites will be a little bizarre until the update is complete. Sorry about that!

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