Aliens Wish Obama Good Luck

Millions of people trekked to Washington, D.C. to take part in the festivities surrounding Barack Obama’s inauguration.  They came from Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, and California…and outer space.  Yes, friends, aliens decided to do a quick fly-over on Inauguration Day for a little “Hail to the Chief.”  At least that’s what some are saying after taking a closer look at this CNN video (story).  As the two anchors talk, notice the black object that shoots behind the Washington Monument…

Yup, that’s a UFO alright–an unidentified flying object.  Of course, just because it is unidentified, flying, and an object does not mean it’s from outer space.  It’s probably some super secret military something or other making sure all was well.  It’s just more fun to speculate that it was an alien visitation.

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