Christmas UnWrapped:: Part 2, What strikes you about Christ’s birth this year?

Our Un-Rappers reflect on the miracle of that we celebrate—when Jesus was born on earth. God Himself in the fragile body of an infant entrusted to the clumsy hands of humanity.


What strikes me about the birth of Christ is the humility of it all. From our perspective He was born into the most humble of all circumstances. But what occurs to me this year is that no matter how He came it would be humble for Him. The way it happened communicates better to us (which is probably the reason), but in reality, even if God had come as a King, it would most likely be a very humble circumstance (from His perspective). He came from the glory of the heavens to Earth, which I would imagine to be a huge step down.—Adam Smith of This Beautiful Republic

That the wise men were keen to what was going on.  They weren’t even from the area, so they weren’t influenced by local tradition.  They were intense scholars, and they traveled from a LONG way off, came prepared with gifts fit for a king and then dropped to their knees, I imagine, without hesitancy.  Today’s skeptics could learn from them. I could learn from them.Aaron Shust, recording artist

I think the thing that always impressed me is that there had to have been so much drama surrounding that birth socially. I think it’s downplayed and not focused on, but in our society, everyone deals with and is strongly affected by drama. These two were un-wed and she was still a virgin. No one believed them, everyone shunned them. They went on and endured it because they were convinced it was God’s doing. There’s much more to say here. Sermons come from these topics.—Ben Olin of This Beautiful Republic

I guess I always marvel at who God chooses to carry out his most important plans. It’s never the people you’d expect. Mary wasn’t some super spiritual saint (or at least the Gospels don’t reveal that about her). She was a young girl going about her life when God came calling with a scary but very exciting task. That always is so inspiring because really, she’s a lot like us. And yet she took a huge leap of faith, not to mention potentially compromised the good thing she had going with Joseph, to do what God called her to do. And she was the mother to the Saviour of the world—how cool is that?—Christa Banister, author

This year, thinking about Christ coming to earth to die and thinking about the sacrifice that God the Father made has struck me.  I don’t have any children, but I have nieces and nephews that I love very much. If I knew that someone must die, it would be much easier for me to do it myself, rather than sending my son. Giving up a son must be much more difficult to do, than giving up yourself. But I think that shows the immense Love that God the Father has for us, that his only-begotten Son would be sent for our transgressions.—Jon Dunn of Demon Hunter

It is so great how God can use the same Scripture to speak to us in different ways!  This year, I was drawn to how God chose to tell the shepherds first about the birth of His Son.  Of all the influential and important people He could have gone to, He chose to speak to the lowest members of the community.  This is just a beautiful picture of how this miraculous birth happened for everyone; regardless of their background.  I love how the shepherds first responded with fear and then changed to excitement and praise towards God.  They left praising God for all they had heard and seen (Luke 2:20 NASB).  I pray that many will read this amazing story and like the shepherds, praise God for this amazing gift of love!—David Frush, recording artist

The story of His birth never gets old.  The simplicity of it amazes me most.  God used an ordinary girl to bear the King of Kings.   Not in a huge fanfare, but in a simple manger.   What an incredible picture of humility… shown by the all-powerful One!!—Chris Clayton, recording artist

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