Christmas UnWrapped:: Part 1; What strikes you about Christ’s birth this year?

Our Un-Rappers reflect on the miracle of that we celebrate—when Jesus was born on earth. God Himself in the fragile body of an infant entrusted to the clumsy hands of humanity.


I was talking to a friend of mine about this recently, and he painted a mental picture of Jesus waiting at the edge of heaven, ready to dive down to Earth to fulfill His calling. I absolutely love that.—Francesca Battistelli, recording artist

I guess it would be the unlikelihood of it all. It’s such an outlandish story we’ve become so accustomed to that sometimes I suspect we forget to be amazed by it. I keep thinking of how frail baby Jesus must have been, smaller than the size of a football, squawking and dependent upon a teenage girl for care and sustenance as the creator of the universe takes milk from his mother’s breast. Does that last sentence still freak us out at least a little?! I’ll confess to feeling uncomfortable when I wrote it. Does it take our breath away? Does it challenge everything we think we know about God, ourselves, and the way the world works? If not, then we might need to look at the story again.—Jason Gray, recording artist

I am still amazed at the thought of Jesus being a baby.  The Creator, the One who has always been, the uncreated One….became a baby.  It blows my mind.  I can’t get past that.  How holy that night must have been!  No wonder a host of angels had to come down and worship Him and declare His praise to the shepherds!  God invaded this earth….in a baby.–Joy Whitlock, recording artist

The main thing that has struck me this year is the idea that the “Good News is coming!”  The Good News of Jesus — just thinking about what that truly means.  I was at a Bible study recently where we were talking about that.  The Good News is year-round, something that we live out…the first time we ever came to a true understanding of who Jesus is, what He’s done for us, and the power behind that.  That news is so important, and we so often take it for granted.  It’s a continual reminder of what the “Good News” really means — much more than just a season of Christmas — but what it does for my life and how grateful I am for what Christ has done for me.—Jeff Johnson, recording artist

It was a real event that was way less glamorous than we paint it to be… a dirty cave w/ a watering trough for a bed is far from glam.  In light of my son being born recently it put a whole new perspective on it for me.—KJ-52, recording artist

The idea that Jesus was a King.  Not only a King, but the creator of all things, coming to this earth… He deserved everything and so much more that we would offer a person of royalty like a palace and the most skilled attendants, but yet, He was born in the most humble of places: a manger. Wow, if the King of King could lose His sense of entitlement for man, who am I to walk around acting like the world owes me something?—Drew Worsham, illusionist

I’m almost done reading a book called “The Shack” (great read by the way) and it just really emphasizes the humanity of Jesus.  The fact that God Eternal would enter our world in such a strange and humble way, to fulfill a redemptive plan that was set in motion before the beginning of time really blows my mind.  Fully God and fully man is hard to comprehend, but beautiful in knowing that He not only created us, but has felt, sensed, touched, heard, and seen just like we have in human form. –Blake Bollinger, recording artist

My older sister and her husband had a baby girl this year, and watching her over the last seven months has made me realize how vulnerable babies really are. To think that Jesus, who had been with the Father forever and had all knowledge and power, came into the world the same way we do, is mind-boggling. I’m so thankful that we have a Savior who can empathize with us in every way.—Josh Wilson, recording artist

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