UnWrapping Christmas:: Have you peeked at your presents?

Ah, who can fight the temptation of looking for those presents tucked away around the house?  For some of our Un-Rappers, peeking at presents is a Christmas tradition.  For the record, when Amy discovered her cache of loot one year, she also received a Princess Jasmine (and Aladdin) doll, just like Franny.


One Christmas, I think I was 6 or 7, I did wake up before everyone else. It was glorious. It is actually my favorite Christmas memory. Very quietly I walked out of my bedroom and into the living room…and beside the Christmas tree was a huge plastic toy box in the shape of a football (they still make these) and my toys were all wrapped inside it. I took out all the presents and pretended that the football was actually a spaceship. It was big enough to crawl inside of. It was only intended to be a container for all the toys I was getting…but it turned out to be my favorite toy of all. I must have blasted off all over the galaxy before I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to be looking at the presents yet! I got out of my football toy box/spaceship…put all the presents back…crawled back in bed and impatiently waited for everyone else to wake up…and yes, I acted surprised to see all the gifts.—Gabe Martinez of Circleslide

Oh my gosh. I peeked EVERY year. I got very good at taking the tape off and putting it back on unnoticed. I’m still the master. One year I freaked because I was getting a Nintendo 64 with the big bazooka looking gun. It was bad. I shot down airplanes daily.—Ben Olin of This Beautiful Republic

Once, as a young kid, I peeked in my mom’s closet and saw that she had gotten me the Jasmine doll I wanted (from Aladdin). I was happy, but I immediately felt remorse! Not worth it! No peeking, kids.—Francesca Battistelli, recording artist

Yes, and I still do. I am horrible about secrets. My wife quickly learned when we first got married that she could not set out wrapped presents for me under the tree. It drives me nuts to not know what is under them. Yes, I am a grown man who tares the corners of packages to get a look at what might be inside, and yes, I shake packages to try and figure out what is inside. It’s horrible. I can’t keep a present secret either. When I go Christmas shopping as soon as I get a present, I want to give it to the person right away. It is a compulsion of mine; I can’t keep wrapped secrets. Is it worth it? Yes, and I will continue to snoop through my own house when my wife is not home to try and find the hidden presents. –Jon Dunn of Demon Hunter

I did! I actually stumbled upon the stash of presents in my parents’ closet. I don’t regret it one bit. There were so many times that my parents would see commercials for gifts they had already bought me and ask me what I thought about that for a present. If I didn’t know I was getting it, I might have said something like “No thanks” or “I don’t really like it” and could have possibly hurt their feelings, but knowing they had already bought it made it easier to be like, “Yeah, that would be a great gift.”—Drew Worsham, illusionist

It totally was NOT worth it. I was all stressed out because I had to act surprised and I was worried I wasn’t convincing enough. Then I realized that one of the gifts I knew I was supposed to be getting (since I’d already seen it) wasn’t in my pile of stuff. I started to look around for it and say things like “I think I saw one more gift I was supposed to open but I can’t find it now… has anyone else seen it?” Of course, my mom had it and pulled it aside to test me and watch me squirm since she knew I had peeked at all my gifts beforehand. It was her elaborate sting operation and I was busted. It was the least fun Christmas I’ve ever had. I don’t even shake boxes anymore, so I guess I learned my lesson. –Jason Gray, recording artist

I have definitely peeked at presents in the night before Christmas morning. My parents (Santa) used to put out our toys without wrapping them, but we would always sneak in and see them before they woke up on Christmas day. Because of that, they started individually wrapping all of our gifts. It wasn’t quite as exciting to stay up until they went to bed just to see a bunch of wrapped-up presents, so we stopped doing that.—Josh Wilson, recording artist

Once.  It was not worth it.  I felt like I stole a gift away from my parents.  The joy they would have had in watching my surprise was taken away…by me.  Plus, then I had to WAIT to play with it.  It was a little red doctor’s bag that had a toy stethoscope and the little thing they hit your knee with and about 10 other ‘doctor tools’.  It was awesome.  And i hope my parents don’t read this.  I never told them I peeked. Hopefully I was a good actor.—Aaron Shust, recording artist

Nah, I never peeked at my presents.  Weeks before Christmas, I usually just found the place where my parents hid them and took full inventory on the number of presents.—Adam McInnis, recording artist

I have never peeked at my presents before Christmas morning!  As a matter of fact, growing up, my mom always told me where the presents were hidden so I could never “accidentally” find them.  She told me if I ever looked and ruined the surprise she’d give all my gifts to my older brother.  “How would she know?” one might ask. Well, I was afraid that if I peeked and tried to act surprised on Christmas she’d know I was faking it and well…let’s just say my mom’s a woman of her word!—Scott Taube of Philmont

Yes… and it was socks! That’s what I get I guess.–KJ-52, recording artist

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