Christmas UnWrapped:: Did You Believe in Santa?

Each year, millions of children lie awake hoping to hear reindeer on their roofs or the sound of sleigh bells in the wintry night air. Their letters have all been sent to the North Pole and the cookies have been set on the table with care. Yes, they’re hoping that St. Nick will soon be there. Even though they’re all grown up, our Un-Rappers remember their days of waiting for Santa’s Christmas Eve arrival…or how they spoiled it for others.


I did believe in him. I don’t really remember when I figured out he wasn’t real. I think it was a combination of many things like little kids at school telling me he wasn’t real, my siblings, and the fact that “Santa,” always used the same wrapping paper as my parents…. hmmmm… something’s fishy.—Ben Olin of This Beautiful Republic (Perceptions)

I did believe in Santa, until I saw that the man who visited my house looked just like my uncle, smelled like my uncle, and talked just like my uncle…and the fake beard wasn’t very convincing. So, I became disillusioned fairly early on in my childhood—Gabe Martinez of Circleslide (Uncommon Days)

I totally believed in Santa, and still do to this day. But I found out he wasn’t real in first grade, when I saw my parents putting together the Nintendo that we had asked for.  Although I no longer buy into the idea of a big, jolly man coming down our chimney delivering precisely what I told my parents I wanted, I still love the spirit of giving and spirit of Christmas. It carries with itself so much wonder and magic, that I love and believe in.—Drew Worsham, illustionist

I do believe in Santa… What do you mean he is not real?  Seriously?   If he is not real, then what is all that racket on my roof every Christmas?  Explain that!!—Chris Clayton, recording artist (All These Things and More)

I believed in him somewhat, but I was one of those kids that just couldn’t wrap my mind around the mechanics of a heavy Santa flying a heavy sleigh propelled by heavy reindeer. And of course there’s the whole “How does he fit down the chimney?” thing.—Jordan Critz, recording artist (Nightlights and Melted Ice)

Never did (…believe in him, not ‘find out’).  And I always felt ‘one-up’ on all the kids who did believe in Kris Kringle.  We still got gifts that said “SANTA” on the tag, but it was all about trying to guess who it was really from.   I tend to believe that has something to do with my not struggling with whether or not Jesus is real.  I always knew He was real, and always knew Santa wasn’t.—Aaron Shust, recording artist (Whispered and Shouted)

I did believe in Santa for a while. I don’t remember who spoiled it for me, but I DO remember that I spoiled it for both of my sisters. They weren’t too happy about it. Harsh, I know, but hey, sometimes the truth hurts…–Josh Wilson recording artist (Sing: A Christmas EP, Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup)

Yep, I definitely believed in him as a child and always worried that he wouldn’t be able to find me when I was at my grandparent’s home in Illinois rather than my usual Wisconsin digs. I do have to say that after asking for a computer like a million times, I suspected that Santa and my parents must have been linked somehow because no matter how many times I told him I wanted one, I never got one.–Christa Banister, author (Blessed Are the Meddlers)

I believed in him until I was 6 and then my older cousin told me he wasn’t real. So I set up traps to catch him, but never did.—Manafest, recording artist (Citizens Activ)

WHAT!?!?!? He’s not real?  You gotta be kidding me…  I am a huge fan of Christmas and absolutely love everything about it.  Growing up, I remember watching the weather on our local news station on Christmas Eve because they would show a radar report that told us where Santa was.  I have to admit, I was pretty heart-broken when my older brother told me he isn’t real.  I think I did something to make him mad, which is what littler brothers are best at, and he responded by telling me the harsh news; Santa is a lie.  Those words still haunt me today. .—David Frush, recording artist (This Is My Story)

My dad is a huge “Santa” person.  My parents would put us in my brother’s room and we would have to stay there and wait for Santa to come. When we heard the bells jingle, that meant the reindeer had left and we got to go out and see what Santa brought us and see my parents sitting out by the gifts!  We still do this to this day!—Jeff Johnson, recording artist (Glorious Day)


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