Live Cockatiel Christmas Tree Decor

Ever since the dawn of time, birds and trees have gone together like peas and carrots.  Therefore, birds play an important role in Christmas tree ornaments.  But a lot of bird ornaments are cheap messes of feathers and plastic.  If you spend a few more bucks, you could go with the real thing, which is what I decided to do this Christmas to make my crazy white fiber optic tree look even better.  I think my decorating came out great, don’t you?

Every person in American should get a live cockatiel tree topper.

Your family pet can be fun and functional. Just look at Kylie the Cockatiel.

You heard about a partridge in a pear tree…how about a cockatiel in a fiber optic tree?  Welcome to Christmas in the 21st century.

Disclaimer: OK, so my bird jumped off my shoulder and onto the tree.  Besides chewing on the tree and knocking off a few ornaments, birds can also get eletrocuted from chewing on the wires, so don’t leave your bird on your Christmas tree for longer than 5 minutes…because you gotta take some funny pictures.

0 thoughts on “Live Cockatiel Christmas Tree Decor

  1. Oh!!! Great pictures! When I was growing up, we had a Pacific Parrotlet that used to hop around in our Christmas tree every year. It was really cute.

    Aren’t the holidays fun? Thanks for the pictures…it brought back some great memories for me.

  2. How adorable! This will be my cockatiels first Christmas, it will be fun showing her all the new lights and ornaments, she loves new things!

  3. Laura, aren’t cockatiels simply lovely birds? Although my ‘tiel is a sassy little thing. What’ is your bird’s name? What kind of cockatiel do you have? (Kylie is a cinnamon pearl. I didn’t set out to find a “fancy” one. She just happened to be the one that I liked! Although there was this male “common gray” at the breeder’s I liked as well, but I really wanted a female since the males are more vocal and like to, uh, pleasure themselves with their toys.)

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