Christmas Un-Wrapped:: What’s the best gift you’ve given?

An undeniable part of the Christmas tradition involves gift giving and receiving, so we asked our Un-Rappers what was one of the best presents they gave someone else to, uh, unwrap.


Wow.  What makes a present good?  I’d like to think thoughtfulness, not necessarily expense.  My parents had an old antique TV tray they wanted me to paint something (anything!) on.  After much thought, I chose to paint our old Pennsylvania home where my brother and I grew up and that my parents owned for 27 years.  We had millions of great memories there before they sold it to move south.  I made a snow covered, night scene, and their tears upon opening it made the days it took to finish worth every second. —Aaron Shust, recording artist (Whispered and Shouted)

I crocheted my Nana and Papa blankets this year.  I think that is a pretty good handmade gift.——Joy Whitlock, recording artist (God and a Girl)

When I was 10, I didn’t have any money so I gave my mom a booklet that I made filled with coupons that she could redeem throughout the year like “One Free Car Wash,” “Clean My Room Without Being Told Twice,” “ Free Hugs and Kisses All Day.”  You know, that kind of stuff. Looking back, it was pretty cheesy but it meant a lot to my mom, and I’m pretty proud of my 10-year-old creativity!–Drew Worsham, illusionist

Two years ago I gave a friend a handwritten cookbook when he moved out on his own with easy-to-follow instructions!—Joel Bruyere of Thousand Foot Krutch (“Jingle Bell Rock” on X Christmas Complilation [Tooth & Nail],The Flame In All Of Us)

I think the best gift I’ve ever given was more of a prank; I told my mother I wouldn’t be home for Christmas and she was really sad about that.  But I actually bought a ticket home and walked into her kitchen when she was cooking dinner one night –the look on her face and the fact that she pointed a knife in my direction because she didn’t know who was in the house–was priceless!—Adam McInnis, recording artist (Wherever You Are)

A Coach purse for my wife. Those things are like get out of jail free cards.KJ-52, recording artist (“It’s Christmastime” on X Christmas Complilation [Tooth & Nail], The Yearbook)

It felt really good to get my mom something really nice one year.  I saved up and got her a bracelet from Tiffany’s.  This year, my wife and I are going to get livestock in all our nieces’ and nephews’ names through Gospel For Asia.  We hope villages throughout Asia are blessed.—Joey Witham, recording artist (Great Homesickness)

It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes, or bags!—The Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

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