Christmas Un-Wrapped:: What’s your favorite …?

Everyone has Christmas favorites from songs to cookies to movies to the age-old debate of white vs. colored lights (I say both!) We ask our Un-Rappers about some of their favorites, and their answers vary, even in word length. Enjoy!


I’m a sucker for anyone who can sing “O Holy Night,” a song that’s soooo easy to butcher. I think it’s incredibly beautiful. As for my favorite Christmas movie, “Elf” is definitely one of my new favorites—love any flick that uses the word cotton-headed ninny muggings, after all. And Christmas just isn’t Christmas without seeing “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “The Grinch” (the cartoon, not the scary Jim Carrey travesty) and although not technically a Christmas movie, I also love holiday rom-coms like “Serendipity” and “The Holiday.” Last but certainly not least, I love the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey’s kiss in the middle. Yummy!——Christa Banister, author (Blessed Are the Meddlers)

Song= “God Rest Ye’ Merry Gentleman”// Movie= Elf // Cookie = sugar—Jason Bynum of Shirock (full-lenth release coming in January 2009)

I really like “O Holy Night”.  Movie?  Not sure.  Home Alone is pretty funny. I just like cookies period.  Especially oatmeal raisin.—Joy Whitlock, recording artist (God and a Girl)

I love “The Snowman,” the BBC version of the children’s book by Raymond Briggs. The book and the film have no words, and lead you on an adventure of music and visuals. It is a “must” for the Christmas season for me. I also watch The Nightmare Before Christmas as often as I can between Halloween and Christmas. I can quote you the entire movie from beginning to end, and have seen it no less than 100 times.—Jon Dunn of Demon Hunter (45 Days)

Pretty much any Christmas song sung by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, or any of the old greats are my favorites. White Christmas takes the cake as far as Christmas movies! Not too into holiday cookies; I’ll take a glass of eggnog any day though!—Seth Hostetter of Children 18:3 (self-titled)

Song: “The Christmas Song” or “White Christmas” /Movie: “It’s a Wonderful Life” (beautiful movie and such a classic) /Cookie: Sugar Cookies w/ icing and sprinkles –Drew Worsham, illusionist

“Carol of the Bells” // Irving Berlin’s White Christmas // Shortbread.Joel Bruyere of Thousand Foot Krutch (“Jingle Bell Rock” on X Christmas Complilation [Tooth & Nail],The Flame In All Of Us)

My favorite Christmas song has to be “What Child is This?”  I love the haunting melodies and it really paints a great picture of the wonder and awe that surrounded that blessed night. My favorite Christmas movie is hands down Christmas Vacation. I probably see this at least 6 times a season.  Could I quote it from start to finish perfectly? Yes, but it still makes me laugh till I hurt each time.  Christmas cookie… Hmmm… You’re making me hungry.  It’s not really a cookie, but my mom always makes these chocolate peanut butter balls with rice crispies in them… Heavenly.–Blake Bollinger, recording artist (No Holiday)

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