Review:: Glory in the Highest – Shane & Shane

By TJ Gehman Shane & Shane’s Glory in the Highest brings a refreshing acoustic and soulful blend to Christmas music. The passion behind the music shows through in the dynamic vocal blends of the Shane Barnard and Shane Everett. Each song is diverse and unique. From “White Christmas” to “O Come Let Us Adore Him”, Shane & Shane have created a holiday classic–one which will transcend the Christmas season of 2008.

Creativity: 10 While the whole album is a fresh twist on Christmas songs, I found the cover of Glory in the Highest struck me as ironic, but that is what seems to its draw.  It features an image of Santa Claus all decked out and blowing a trumpet while the title Glory in the Highest streams from the bell of the trumpet. I liked concept of incorporating Santa with a Christian album—something many artists would never think of doing.  In doing this, Shane and Shane seem to put Santa in his place: worshipping the Almighty.

Original Songs: 8 Glory in the Highest features one original and very striking song called “Born to Die”. This song is very compelling because it incorporates the Easter message in with Jesus’ birth, something that is often forgotten around Christmastime.

Classic Covers: 9 Shane & Shane do a great job of reviving old Christmas classics and putting a new spin on them. It’s about time for an album like this! You won’t be hearing the same “O Holy Night” that your grandmother enjoyed in 1960.

Musical Score: 9 Rich harmonies and soothing melodies are what make this album musically great. Through composition, Shane and Shane are able to accomplish the task of delivering a specific message through each song, be it cheerful or somber, fun or reflective.

Overall Holly Jolliness: 8 Although this isn’t the typical ho-ho-ho holly jolliness that is often associated with Christmas music, Shane & Shane are able to put a unique spin on the definition of Christmas music, and bring innovative 21st Century holiday cheer to this project.

Total= 44; which means you can be sure to find Glory in the Highest under your tree (maybe even in Santa’s sleigh). Whatever the case, this is one album that you need to add to your Christmas collection.

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