Review:: O Holy Night – Sara Groves

By Andrew Wilhelm O Holy Night is a unique and soothing album featuring the silky voice of Sara Groves. Sit back with a mug of hot cocoa as you listen to old favorites, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” and new soft-rock ballades like “Toy Packaging.” It is a versatile album that is sure to please all music enthusiasts.

Creativity:: 9 The biggest surprise for me as I listened for the first time was the creativity that Sara put into the album. It isn’t that the songs are unbelievably out of this world, but Sara made every tune uniquely her own.

Original Songs:: 10 With six original songs, Sara earns kudos for expanding her Christmas repertoire. Having Toby, her son, join in on “It’s True” was an especially nice touch. The original songs are more personal and blend well with traditional classics.

Classic Covers:: 7 Sara has a nice mix of traditional songs, and many of them have innovative sounds. The more modern twists and new melodies bring creativity to the album, but the soft nostalgia we’ve come to expect from the oldies-but-goodies is missing.

Musical Score:: 7 O Holy Night doesn’t necessarily have new sounds for a contemporary Christian artist, but the creativity gives each song new perspective. For that, Sara should be commended.

Overall Holly Jolliness:: 8 This CD seems like a perfect background for a gathering of family and friends at Christmastime. Its soft, creative melodies make it one that doesn’t necessarily beg the listener to sing along, but will help create the perfect mood of peace and love this Christmas season.

Total:=41 Looks like O Holy Night might just be wrapped under your tree on December 25!

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Andrew Wilhelm is a sophomore at Wheaton College majoring in political science with a minor in economics. His two main passions are playing piano and golf. He also enjoys learning about and analyzing trends in culture, economics, and politics. For some strange reason, he consistently refuses to send his Nintendo Wii to Amy.

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