Let Brown Regift For You

Everyone gets one of those gifts–a tacky candle set covered in golden cardinals or sweater that’s five sizes too big or a cute little outfit for your dog that died two weeks ago.  Instead of letting the present go to waste, you regift it–to that little old lady in the next apartment who loves birds and your Dad who’s putting on a few pounds and your best friend, whose little pomeranian enjoys dressing up.  Regifting–it’s a holiday tradition.

Well, this year UPS is taking regifting to the next level by actually setting up a website to ease along the process–upsregifter.com.  This handy dandy video explains the whole process…

Unfortunately, one man’s trash is only another’s cybertreasure since real gifts aren’t actually being regifted–it’s just a virtual “regifting” of sorts.  I mean, I’m sort of bummed about the whole thing beause I thought I could find some really cool presents to regift to my friends.  I imagined it would be Ebay, but using the barter/regifting system of old.

But I guess if you want to send your friends and family pictures of the crappy gifts you would have  regifted to them, you can head on over to upsregifter.com.

Someone’s actually regifting his or her Siamese cat and another is regifting an amazingly knitted tea cozy.  I just don’t get these people.  These are great finds!  Alas, their owners cannot see the value in such wonderful things…oh well…  By the way, unlike most people, I am not insulted when I receive a regifted present.  I love ’em!  Feel free to send all your unreturnable, unwanted presents my way–I promise to love and cherish ’em like they were my own.

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