Announcing 12 Days of Christmas Music

Starting on Nov. 28, Backseat Writer will be featuring “12 Days of Christmas Music.”  While we won’t be singing, we’re going to tell you who’s releasing Christmas albums or EPs this year and what we think of them. But let’s face it—Christmas albums include several elements, which include our favorite holiday songs over and over and over again.  Normally, we tolerate, and even like it, because it’s Christmas.  Think Nat King Cole’s “Silver Bells” or Madonna’s “Santa Baby” or “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” and you think Christmas.

However, Christian artists take a different slant by properly putting into focus the real meaning of Christmas—the birth of an infant who was Christ incarnate in a little town called Bethlehem.  These artists not only write original songs but trim up and lend their vocals to classics as well.  How on earth does a writer begin to review albums in a genre so deep and so wide?

We follow a carefully crafted guideline…and we checked it twice!

Each review will be evaluated on the following.  You will score the album by category, and the scores range from 1-10 per category.  Since there are five categories, each artist can acquire a total of 50 points…earning them the follow ratings.

Santa’s Sleigh (50-45 points) Santa’s dropping this album at houses all over the world on Christmas Eve!

Under the Tree (44-35) This album will find its way under many Christmas trees!

Stocking Stuffer (34-20) It makes a good stocking stuffer!

After Christmas Clearance Sale (20-11) That’s where you’ll find this album!

Coal (10-0) It’s lumped right there with coal and returns. Just burn it.)

Our illustrious categories::

Creativity:: (How did the artist expand on the songs chosen?  Are there any interesting melodies?  Did he or she write original songs?  Any instrumental pieces?)

Original Songs:: (What did you think of them?  Are they clever? At least 5 points if there IS original material!)

Classic Covers::  (Did you like the cover of a classic?  Was it lame?  Did it work? Why or why not?)

Musical Score:: (What did you think of the background music?  Was it interesting? Boring?  Fun?  Delightful?)

Overall Holly Jolliness:: (Did it put you in the Christmas spirit?  Was it jingly?  Jolly?)

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