Christmas Un-Wrapped:: Black Friday–Great Deals or Terrifying Chaos?

As millions of Americans arise early on Friday morning to head out to their favorite stories to find the best deals for their friends and family this Christmas, we decided to see if our Un-Rappers were doing the same.


“Haha, my answer is Yes to that. Exactly both. Great deals AND terrifying chaos!”—Jordan Critz, recording artist (Nightlights and Melted Ice)

“Black Friday is a mad house. Yet, every year I can be found standing in line at 4 am shivering waiting for the mad rush to the door. It’s a tradition I share with my dad, who is the king of bargain shopping. There is never anything I need, but the time with my dad is worth the insanity. We were at Walmart two years ago when a riot started over $200 laptops. When they showed security footage of the madness on TV, and I think you could probably see my pops and me on the outskirts of the chaos. Yes, I will be in line somewhere between 2 and 4 am this year as well. Look for me and my old man holding down the front of the line. Don’t bother cutting in front of me because I am not there to buy anything–just to make sure the nut-jobs don’t trample my dad. Now that is what I call quality family time.”—Jon Dunn of Demon Hunter (45 Days)

“Black Friday?!! I don’t even know what that means! Ever heard of Boxing Day? I didn’t think so.”—Joel Bruyere of Thousand Foot Krutch (“Jingle Bell Rock” on X Christmas Complilation [Tooth & Nail],The Flame In All Of Us)

“Back when I doing the retail thing at Bath & Body Works in college, Black Friday was on par with oh, a root canal, a huge zit on the night of a big date or watching the Vikings beat my beloved Packers a couple of weeks ago. In other words, not exactly my idea of fun. In fact, I remember coming home with more splinters and paper cuts than I could count after gift wrapping hundreds of Bath & Body Works gifts for grumpy, impatient customers. But hey, at least it was a lesson in the true meaning of Christmas, right? (NOT!)”—Christa Banister, author (Blessed Are the Meddlers)

“Blissfully peaceful.  I’m not stepping foot in a store the day after Thanksgiving, mainly because I have too much stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie in my gut, but also because my Christmas shopping is done!”—Aaron Shust, recording artist (Whispered and Shouted)

“I like to do a lot of my Christmas shopping on Black Friday, but I normally try to do it online. Standing outside at 4:56AM at Best Buy in 40 degree weather, waiting with six kadillion other people to get in the store and buy a DVD for eight dollars instead of ten, is not my idea of a good time”.—Josh Wilson, recording artist (Sing: A Christmas EP, Trying To Fit The Ocean In A Cup)

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhap, means a little bit more.”– The Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

“I experienced it personally once, and only once.  I got up about 5:30 am to get to a store by 6 am to get some crazy deal on a present for my wife.  At 6:02 when I arrived, it was already gone!!! I had the brilliant idea of asking for a rain check.  So lucky for me I got to come in a week later and get the same price on this item without waiting in the 2.5 mile long line.  So in hindsight, it is a big ploy to get thousands of people out for deals that only exist to the people that probably arrived a week before and camped out… never again!”—Blake Bollinger, recording artist (No Holiday)

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