Jeremy Camp is Speaking Louder Than Before

By Amy Sondova Jeremy Camp is going where few artists have gone before…and it’s doing it loudly, very loudly with his latest release.  Speaking Louder Than Before (BEC) showcases a whole new set of worship ballads that show Camp’s vulnerability and his resolute devotion to God in the face of tribulation.  Some artists make music videos to accompany their songs, but Camp is taking it a step further; he’s releasing a devotional video with each song on the 12 track recording.

The devotional videos can be found on the freshly launched album website ( which features sections to “Share Your Story,” watch devotional videos from the album, download wallpapers, banners, MySpace themes and Scripture links.  This site is in addition to Jeremy Camp’s artist site at

Speaking Louder Than Before is not only available in our own online store, Drive-By Shopping, but also online at iTunes (where a full album purchase will also earn you a download of an exclusive Christmas track, “Christ is Come”) and Wal-Mart (where you get a live version of “Let It Fade”).

Check out Jeremy’s video devotional for his album’s first single, “There Will Be A Day”.

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