Appropriately Human

It’s been getting a little melancholy and a lot controversial ’round these parts lately, so I’m gonna take things down a notch.  There are a lot of other bloggers/writers that influence my thought life, and more importantly, my spiritual life.  One of these people is author and blogger Jonalyn Grace Fincher. I stumbled upon her by accident through reading one of her husband, Dale’s books (Living with Questions). Dale and Jonalyn also run an organization called Soulation, which teaches others how to be appropriately human.

Jonalyn’s writing is both personal and strong.  Last year, she took readers with her through as she worked through all the despair and disappointment of having a miscarriage.  Her posts are intelligent and well-written provoking thoughts among Christian woman about our true God-given roles.

In her most recent post, Jonalyn captures the essence of the female fanaticism behind Twilight, as well as other popular characters delving into romance.  Please head on over to her blog to read “When Perfection is Un-Human“.  As usual, Jonalyn gets to the heart of the issue, which is a woman’s heart.

Jonalyn is also the author of Ruby Slippers, which someone should buy me for Christmas (I really want to read it).  Just a thought. 🙂

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