Review:: Limbs and Branches by Jon Foreman

By Amy Sondova Released last month, Jon Foreman’s latest project Limbs and Branches (Organic/EMI) is a departure from the rock melodies that catapulted Foreman’s band, Switchfoot, into the spotlight.  The album is a compilation of the songs from Foreman’s Seasons EPs, which were released quarterly to coincide with each season.

The eclectic solo project offers a stripped down sound, adding a personal element to the vulnerable, highly personal songs.  Sometimes melancholy and other times reflective, Limbs and Branches is an album that cuts through the crap to produce an amazing recording encompassing true artistry.

The two new songs—“Broken From the Start” and “Over the River”—fit Foreman’s work, allowing Limbs and Branches to be as fluid a release as the Seasons EPs.  Most notably, it is what has been included from the Seasons EPs that makes this album.  “Instead of a Show” is a critique of the church’s ability to put on a show instead of fighting for the poor and downcast, while “South Bound Train” is a Song of Solomon-like love song.  Then there’s “Learning How to Die,” about a dying woman who says that life taught her how to die.  Foreman’s most personal song, “Cure For Pain” is also included on Limbs and Branches.

Limbs and Branches is a complete album that highlights the excellence of Foreman’s ability as a songwriter and capability as a solo artist.  Original, fresh, simple, yet complex, Limbs and Branches is an album that needs to be listened to over and over again to be truly appreciated.  Just put it on repeat and enjoy the ambient sound, then dig deeper into the music for a spiritual and emotional journey of your own.

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