Dancing with Cinderella

I promise that there will be Disney World photos in the next couple of days!  But for now, read this…

I first discovered Steven Curtis Chapman’s music when I was in middle school.  In our youth group, he was cool as were the Newsboys, Carman, Audio Adrenaline, and so on.  While I’ve moved on to other artists–part of growing up I guess–I was too proud to listen to someone who wasn’t cool to the under-30 crowd anymore.  However,  there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding SCC’s song, “Cinderella,” especially since the tragic death of his little girl several months ago.  Still, I hadn’t listened to the song–until now.

After the first verse, I dissolved into a messy pile of tears.  After the second verse, I was noisily blowing into a tissue.  After the third verse, I was just gone.  Wow.  Just wow.  It’s a powerful song.

I listened to it about 10 more times.  Today I watched the video, which is beautiful, and a clip about the writing of the song.  And I lost it again.

I remember the times my daddy and I danced together.  We were never into this ballroom sort of thing.  It was more like headbanger’s ball to artists like the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and other 60’s music.  One of our favorite songs to dance to was “I Can’t Dance” by Genesis.  We princesses all have our own ways of doing things in our kingdoms.

Here’s the video and SCC’s explanation of the story behind the song.  It’s about 10 minutes long, and worth a look and listen.

0 thoughts on “Dancing with Cinderella

  1. Hi Amy, Thank you for this post. I loved hearing how you and your Dad danced and had fun. Memories like these are to be cherished. I read this to yor father and he also needed tissues, he was so very touched by this, as he said he remembers it well. We are so glad that you got to go to Disneyworld. WOW, how awesome is that!! Thank you Amy ~!!….. Elaine

  2. i saw him in concert this summmer just about a month after the accident. it was one of his first concerts back on the road. did you know he’s added a 4th verse to “cinderella”? it’s in memory of his little girl.

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