Review:: The Greatest Journey – Celtic Woman

By Amy Sondova While Celtic Woman isn’t typical of the releases we cover here at Backseat Writer, the talent of these Irish lassies is undeniable.  Since “coming to America” in 2005, the group has garnered hundreds of thousands of U.S. fans…many of who watch PBS.  That fact alone may turn you off to the group, but that is your own folly.

Covering a variety of beloved songs like “Beyond the Sea”, “Pie Jesu”, “You Raise Me Up” and more, Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey is a comprehensive collection of the band’s most memorable songs.  Ethereal and melodic, the voices of the groups six members–Lisa, Méav, Chloë, Órla, Lynn and Alex– blend expertly as they sing acapella or when joined by the haunting melodies of their fiddle player, Máiréad.

Celtic Woman is impressive because their instruments are their voices, which rival the tired guitar/bass/drum combinations of a hundreds contemporary artists.  Those who appreciate a variety of music will love this album for its complex vocals and Irish melodies.  It’s easy to get lost in the beautiful, airy, strong vocals of Celtic Woman—and getting lost has never been so much fun.

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