Do Some “Drive-By Shopping” with Backseat Writer!

Click the know you want to!

Some of you astute readers may have noticed that Backseat Writer’s sidebars have been updated to include a small graphic in the upper left corner that reads “DRIVE-BY SHOPPING with Backseat Writer!”  Those of you who are really curious may have clicked the icon and traveled across the world wide web to our brand new store, which features music and books by the artists we’ve interviewed, reviewed, or harassed.  You can also purchase the movies we’ve reviewed or check out the stuff we just really, really like.  By clicking on the banner and going through our site to, you can help us earn 6% on your total purchase—which we’ll use to upgrade the site!  It’s a win-win-win situation!  BSW wins. wins. You win.  Let’s all be winners and do some holiday shopping in Backseat Writer’s new online store, “Drive-By Shopping!

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