A Day at the McCain/Palin Rally

McCains lagging in the polls?  Cant tell from this crowd!
McCain's lagging in the polls? Can't tell from this crowd!

Yikes!  Has it really been a whole entire week since I blogged?  Wow, time sure does fly by when you’re insanely busy…and this past week I was insanely busy.  Besides my usual duties (which I’ve, uh, temporarily abandoned), musician Amy Courts crashed at my pad from Thursday until Tuesday morning while she was playing some shows in the area (specifically Alive ’08 with Shirock–more pics to come).  And today I spent the day at Stabler Arena with some rabid McCain/Palin fans at a local rally.

Sarah Palin commands the crowd.
Sarah Palin commands the crowd.

It was like a rock concert for politicians, but crazier.  Plus, I had some great seats so I have the opportunity to meet Chet Beiler, who’s running for State Auditor General, Congressman Charlie Dent, and a couple of other politicians who aren’t in my voting district.  One was particularly annoying as he tried to court my vote and my writing skills.  As you all know, I can’t be won over by flattery, just cold, hard bribes (just kidding).  The Republican Party’s superstars took the stage, including Senator Arlen Spector…and some people I’ve never heard of, but they seemed important.

The expression on John McCains face = priceless.
The expression on John McCain's face = priceless.

Of course, all that was just garnish.  We were there to see John McCain and Sarah Palin (judging from the crowd frenzy and chants–we were really there to see Sarah Palin.  Shhh!  Don’t tell John).  All of a sudden the lights flashed, the music blared, and their arrival was announced–everyone went wild.  After a minute of nothingness, people started to exchange looks.  Five minutes later, people began to sit down.  At ten minutes, two waters were placed by the podium and then five minutes after that, the speeches.  Twenty minutes passed and I wondered if McCain and Palin were going to stand up the entire stadium.

Sarah Palin getting off the Straight Talk Express.
Sarah Palin fresh off the Straight Talk Express.

All of a sudden, the “Rocky” theme song echoed from the loudspeaker and the Straight Talk Express rolled into the side of the area.  I AM NOT KIDDING!  They just drove it on in there.  Sarah Palin emerged and then John McCain and his wife and one of his daughters  People were screaming, waving “Country First” signs, and chanting various things.  You would have thought the Beatles were arriving in America–again.  But,  no, this was the man who could be our next President and the woman who could be our next Vice-President.  If you thought McCain was lagging behind in the polls, you wouldn’t have been able to tell it from this crowd.

We love Sarah!
We love Sarah!

Cindy McCain spoke first.  Then Sarah Palin took the stage, and she was as every bit charming as one could imagine.  I was too busy taking pictures to pay attention, but when McCain was speaking I’m fairly certain she winked at me.

We love McCain, too!
We love McCain, too!

Again, I was taking pictures, so I didn’t catch too much of what McCain was talking about (sounded like the same ol’ stuff to me).  But one thing struck me–as McCain talked about Obama, the crowd started chanting, “Nobama! Nobama!”   McCain raised a hand in the air to quiet the chant and said that was unnecessary.  He then continued on with his speech.  I believe that his character was evidenced in this simple act.  While he may attack Obama on the issues with sometimes questionable tactics (which is more his campaign than McCain, but, yes, he “runs” his campaign), he refused to allow his speech to turn into a mockery of his opponent.  John McCain oozed class, and I smiled proudly.  At that moment, I knew exactly why I wanted McCain to be my next President, and all it took was a simple act of respect for Obama.

John McCain speaks at a rally in the Lehigh Valley.
John McCain speaks at a rally in the Lehigh Valley.

Unfortunately, I wish the crowd could have taken a lesson from McCain about respect because trying to get out of our seats and back to our cars was a nightmare.  Because my mom is disabled, I urged her to step down to the front of the bleachers to allow others to pass so we could take our time.  Wrong move!  Because McCain and Palin lingered in the crowd to sign autggraphs.  So everyone was lurching forward to get a piece of the McCain/Palin ticket, which included yelling, “Sarah!  Blow a kiss!  Do it for Trig!” Umm…yeah.  I was pushed forward by the crowd and nearly fell into the railing, but was caught by a very kind man (thank you, kind man!)  I’ve seen teenage kids waiting for autographs at rock concerts act with more civility than these grown-ups who were supposed to be civilized human beings.  Perhaps they could get some tips on celebrity etiquette from their kids.

My mom and me.
My mom and me.

Despite spending 8 hours on this rally adventure and nearly plummeting to my death (or at least hospitalization), I had a good time, saw an old friend (shout out to Erica!), and met some fairly interesting folks.  Plus, the one lone protester made for an entertaining spectacle.  My advice if you plan on attending a rally–speak loudly to cheer on your candidates and carry a very large stick to beat off the rabid McCain/Palinites.

And here are pics of the lone individual protesting the event…

Theres one in every crowd.
There's one in every crowd.
In case the sign and the insults werent enough, he also flips off the line.
In case the sign and the insults weren't enough, he also flips off the line.
Protesting without a permit is illegal so the shenanigans of the protestant are put to an end by local law enforcement.
Protesting without a permit is illegal so the shenanigans of the protestant are put to an end by local law enforcement.

0 thoughts on “A Day at the McCain/Palin Rally

  1. I envy you.

    And I wish I had been there to step up to the lone protestor. After all, First Amendment rights extend to all, right? Not just the angry left.

  2. The problem wasn’t that he protested–it was that he was protesting without a permit on private property. Plus, he was inciting the crowd by cussing at ’em and yelling insults. In that supercharged atmosphere, he was looking for a brawl, except most people just thought it was funny or weird. I talked to one of the parking lot attendants an older gent who happened to be sporting a McCain button. He shook his head and said to me, “See the kind of wackos that support Obama.” I’m sure there are plenty of wackos that support McCain, too, but dang, that was funny.

  3. Hi! I’m Amy’s mom and I want to publically thank Amy for taking me to the rally and allowing me to sit with her in the VIP section. We had really great seats with a fantastic view and interresting people to talk with. Amy took good care of me – her disabled mom – being sure I was safe on the steps and putting my walker in safe keeping and then fetching it for me at the end of the rally. Not a surprise really because Amy had always looked out for me with my physical disabilities. I was so proud of her during middle school when I attended her 8th grade awards program and she recieved an award for helping a disabled classmate during the year. Imagine my surprise because she never mentioned that she was daily helping that girl. Tears welled up in my eyes at that moment (I do believe I was more proud of her at that award then when she received other awards and academic honors in the future). She is very caring and I am proud of her. Thanks, Amy!

  4. It is very interesting seeing Americans vote on their political candidates. Did you know Mccain is viewed as a man who only cares for America while Obama is seen as a man who cares for not only America but the world.
    Also, why is the man not allowed to protest? Does America not have free speech?

  5. As I’ve said, the man wasn’t allowed to protest because he is on private property, and also “inciting the crowd,” both of which are illegal. If he had chosen to protest across the street from the event on public property, he would have been fine. A merch tent with McCain/Palin stuff was also kicked off the premises for the same reason–no permit from the university to be on the property.

    I don’t know how McCain or Obama are viewed in the world, but the rest of the world isn’t deciding the election–Americans are. And while foreign policy is important, I do believe that McCain is much more qualified for the job. In fact, when Obama went to Germany for his speech, many Americans were offended.

  6. I came here to comment about your “illegal to protest without a permit” but if it was private property — or even if it had been public property and he had the horrible behavior you describe — then yeah. I ain’t standing up for that.

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