When Music Channels Actually Played Music…

This post is a special request from Charlotte who wrote on my Facebook wall, “You write about why ‘Pop-Up Video’ should come back.”

There was a time in the not-so-distant past that music channels like MTV and VH-1 played these things called “music videos”. I know this will come as a shock to younger readers, but it’s true. You could actually watch bands perform songs on your television set on MTV! Even then, there were great shows like “Daria” and “The Real World” (they’re on Season 57 now, right?) VH-1 had this great show called “Behind the Music,” which was an hour long biographies about musicians like Sting, Meatloaf, Heart, and Metallica. Good stuff. There was also “Pop-Up Video”.

The show played various music videos and as the video was show commentary and interesting facts would pop-up on the TV screen. There was this great bubble sound, too! Blup! The show was entertaining and educational. Viewers could learn important facts like where David Bowie purchased his pants or which extra actually turned into a famous actress. I mean, did you know that Alicia Silverstone got her start in an Aerosmith video? You would if “Pop-Up Video” still existed.

Sadly, like music videos, “Pop-Up Video” is a thing of the past. Not only should “Pop-Up Video” be brought back, but it should be added to more types of television shows. Did you think last night’s Presidential debate was a snooze fest? Imagine how much fun it would have been with “pop-up” facts like where McCain got his tie and who did Obama’s hair! Or better yet, people could draw little pictures on the screen like the sports commentators do during football games. The same old tired rerun could have new life with “pop-ups.”

Naturally, all these other wanna-be “pop-up” shows would pale in comparison to “Pop-Up Video.” Sigh.

Thanks to the wonder that is YouTube, I found some “Pop-Up Video” clips so you can all grab a piece of the legendary show.

Watch Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” below. Did you know that Michael “I Love to Blow Things Up” Bay directed this video?

This is some ridiculous band called “Imagine”. Hahaha! It’s one of the worst songs ever made.

And while I was searching for these great videos, I found some clips from that ‘tween show “Kids Incorporated,” which was also awesome…in its time. Here’s some blond chick singing “Time After Time.” I like when the head of her dreamy crush pops up in the right.

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