Music Videos:: Jesus is Everyone’s Friend

Senior editor Alyssa gave me the head’s up on this one, and it was just way too funny *not* to post! That’s the beauty of website/blogs–almost anything goes. If, like me, you think the vintage “Jesus is My Friend” video circling the Internet is as incredible as I do, then you’ll love David Crowder and his band’s take on the viral video. Proceed with caution because the song has the potential to stick in one’s head all day!

Here’s the original “Jesus is My Friend” video in all it’s glory…

According to DCB’s website, they were referencing the song during worship on Sunday morning. Unable to get the song of out their heads (it’s like that), so skipping out on the sermon (whoops! Don’t worry, they probably heard it at least three times in the other services!) they ran off to learn this soon-to-be church classic.

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