Poetic Musings :: physical education by charlotte sublett

physical education

the music comes on…

it’s eminem.

i hate eminem…

but no one seems to care…

it’s not fair

that we have to run.

i’d like to win

but i look at the clock

and it’s only been 5, not 10.

i cringe again

at eminem

while he speaks of “losing yourself”

a place i think i’ve been.

my legs are sore,

my tendons torn,

the sweat runs down my face

but i can’t keep this pace.

i want to head for the door

but something keeps me;

that voice that is a teacher

calling from a bleacher

that i must suffer longer,

although everyone else is stronger.

as eminem dies

i die too.

on the floor

i’m soaked to the core

from the sweat

the liberation from doing more

as the thoughts run through my mind…

although angry and unkind…

what am i to do

if i’m not good enough for you?

by charlotte sublett

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