David Blaine is an Idiot

I don’t like to call people “idiots.”  But in this case, the word idiot is perhaps too mild.  David Blaine, who lives to risk his health and life by performing stupid stunts, is hanging upside down for 60 hours.  The culmination of the event called “Dive of Death” is scheduled to appear on ABC tonight, but the first 15 minutes may be pre-emptied due to the President’s speech on the economy.  Haha!

To “train” for this event, Blaine hasn’t eaten food for the past 10 days and is wearing a catheter to prevent messy leaks.  Of course, the risks for this type of spectacle are many and include possible blindness, stroke, organ failure, and death…because human beings weren’t designed to hang upside down for hours and hours.  But that’s exactly why David Blaine is doing it–to defy the odds once again.  And apparently T.V. ratings are down for ABC, which is why they’re airing a two hour special on the madness.

News broke earlier today that Blaine was seen taking a “break” due to the advice of medical experts on-hand.  The truth is that NO ONE can hang upside down that long and live, so every hour or so Blaine takes a break to get checked out by the medical team, “relieve” himself, get a stretch, and allow his head to go above his heart.  According this Fox News article, one witness saw Blaine take three breaks in one hour.

In an earlier interview with Kelly Ripa (watch below), Blaine says that due to sleep deprivation he will go into an altered state and do something daring as he desends from 44 feet in the air.  He won’t release the details, but it’s bound to be exciting.

Ripa asks him, “So you can stay awake for 60 hours?”

Blaine grimly responds, “I have to.”  As if he has no choice!!!  He could choose to end his stunt at any minute and go take a nap.  That would negate the whole ABC special thing, but he has a choice!

What about the people around the world who really have no choice?  Like a miner trapped below the surface of the earth waiting for rescue who cannot close his eyes because he knows he will never open them again if he does?  How about a cancer patient undergo another round of chemo because if she doesn’t, she will surely die?


We just had rescue workers risking their lives to save people during Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.  Why wasn’t there an ABC special on them?  Surely, they deserve the applause for their amazing efforts, which aren’t selfish displays in Central Park!  Then again, true heroes don’t do it for a T.V. special or acclaim, they just rise to the occassion, which is what makes them so heroic.

David Blaine is not a hero.  David Blaine is an idiot.

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